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Is anyone else having a problem with the Metoject pens? Two, out of the last three I've tried to use have 'fired' when I took the cap off; when it happened the first time I thought it might just be me being a bit firm taking off the cap and now it's happened twice I don't think it is. It was hard enough getting a replacement prescription for the first one that spoiled and I'm dreading the hassle of trying to replace a second one. Is this just me or have others found the same thing happening ...

Jane :-(

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  • No it hasn't been a problem for me, it does seem to "set" itself when you take the lid off but only pushed the drug in when I press it in.

  • Sorry, haven't had any problems with mine. Is it possible that you have received a bad batch? If not, can you see a specialist nurse and double check the way you're doing it?

    Hope you get it sorted soon. M x

  • I've just done it for the first time, and it was ok. The cap slid off very easily, and hardly needed any pressure so maybe dodgy batch? I watched video on YouTube first, which helped build confidence.

  • Hi

    Thanks everyone for your replies, it's now 3 out of the last 5 that have mis-fired; I've been in touch with the specialist nurse and she's going to get back to me. I think it must be a dodgy batch which is a real nuisance as I pay for my prescriptions and it's costing me a fortune! I've watched the video and read the leaflet really carefully and it was fine when I had my training - I don't know, I'll see how the next one goes.

    Jane :-(

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