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o boy o boy

well i should have known better than to hope my mtx would stay the same, no up now to 8 a week, and now on hydroxychoroquine, one a day, got to have the flu jab (nothing new been having that for a few years) now i have to have pnewumovax injection, been told if i get pneumonia it might not be too nice lol so guess i will be having a few little pricks these next weeks lol, had one today had the steroid injection, and boy o boy does my little bum hurt lol, got to laugh other wise this thing gets you down and its not going to do that to me, :)

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Let's hope that does the trick. I was the other way round, he started me off on 400mg HCQ then introduced 15mg MTX tablets. That didn't work so HCQ was withdrawn & 20mg MTX injections until my liver objected so he reduced it to 15mg & been on it ever since with a few additions along the way & I'm now controlled. Hope it sorts you out.

Had my flu jab last week & not questioning pneumococcal!


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