new boy

new boy

Hello fellow R/A sufferers, My name is Tone and I was diagnosed in june this year. Had a op for Carpel tunnel release and it seems it may have triggered Mr rheumatoid, who unbeknown to me had been hidden somewhere inside me, took the bugger 52 years to show up ,but he is here now and I know it cause he likes to twist my bones. The first few months were hell ,had about 15 flares from feb to august with only one steroid injec and diflfenic,PAIN oh the pain,started on methatex8 in august and I felt fantastic but have just been told ,my Liver doesnt like it so I think im being put on Leflunomide,just want to get back to work as im skint now but atos wont let me till I get all clear if thats possible.BYE 4 NOW.

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  • Hi and welcome .This is a great site for support and to ask questions to .

  • cheers m8

  • hi Tone, welcome this is the place to be. We are a good bunch. One will have a moan and everyone else will be on it cheering you up. We understand all the hassle of ra and we get plenty of ideas thrown onto the site. Some of us are in the medical proffession in sort or another so there will be plenty of advice if you need it.

    Best wishes. Sylvia.

  • cheers m8

  • Hi

    Nice to meet you .Hope that get your meds sorted out - it is a bit trial and error as everyone reacts differently.I was off work for 6 mths after being diagnosed but i have since managed to work for the last 6 years thanks to very sympathetic employers -hope you managed to get things sorted too

    Take care


  • Hi Tone, glad you have found the site. We all try to support each other and try to keep each other cheerful despite the pain etc.

    I was under ATOS as well 3 years ago when first diagnosed. When my GP said I was fit to go back to work but only part time, they worked out a return to work on medical grounds over 3 months gradually building up from a couple of hours a day up to the full 7 hours but only 3 times a week. worked very well.

    Hope you get that sorted out with them soon. Have you applied for any assistance like Disability Living Allowance? You are entitled to apply if you have RA as it is one of the recognised disabilities. Your local CAB can help with the forms if you need any and also help with filling them in.

    Are you getting sick pay from work or SSP? NRAS website has helpful booklets on working with RA - would be worth getting a copy. They are free.

    I was off work for 4 1/2 months before being allowed back but did receive full pay for the first 6 months which was a great help. It will take time for the various medications to kick in and to find the combination which helps you best. Also d0n't forget to ask about pain killers as well. There are various ones which help during a flare up.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. LavendarLady

  • welcome ton, hope you get the support you need to return to work

    Alison x

  • Hi Ton

    We are at the same stage - metx has side effects with me too despite a big improvement, i was taken off it and i am going on to the leflunomide with the possibility of adding another. Good luck hope to hear how you are faring with the new medication.

    Re work - i am still hanging in there with the advantage of having parking outside and a completely disabled friendly building. These practical things have made life so much easier. If i had to depend on public transport or use stairs i couldn't have coped at all. Time off for appointments have caused problems but i managed to get working from home a couple of days and try to get my appointments on that day as it is then easier to make up the time - i know that can't work for everyone.

  • Hi Mads, under various legislation you are entitled to time off to attend appts at hospital for RA. As RA is a recognised disability, comes under the Equalities Act and the previous Disability Discrimination Act, any refusal or difficulties put in your way, could mean the company is in breach of its obligations.

    Get a copy of the NRAS booklet on RA and employment - it has lots of helpful information. LavendarLady

  • thanks ll - wouldn't be up for the discussion that would ensue though

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