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scared and scared

I got diagnosed a year ago. I started the Enbrel last May. I have had 2 flares since. I also am taking 22 mg. of mtx. a week. Also plaquinel, and prednesone (dont mind my spelling). Doc wants me to take the mtx. by injection. (Otrexup) I am scared of the warnings. It has been approved by my insurance and still going to cost me 150 a month. Same as Embrel. I do get the free copay for a year but what happens then? I have to pay out of pocket for both injections? That is 300 a month for just those. Just need some advise and support I guess. I do not feel like the Enbrel is working as good as it did in June. I am back to feeling like crap everyday and some of the pain and inflammation has returned. Feeling discouraged.

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DRG82667 I'm sorry you are struggling. However I really don't understand the American system so cannot advise you on the choices you need to make - NRAS is a UK based patient led charity and therefore the great majority of users of this HU will be in the same position as me - unable to give you the advice you are looking for re insurance. There is a US patient charity called Creaky Joints which may be able to help you with questions such as these if no one comes on here (there are some American members) to advise.

Good luck with your situation.


Thank you Twichytoes. I will check out Creaky Joints.


Hi, I've sent you a message with a link to an American PsA forum's article about copay assistance cards. Which just might help ... like twitchy says, the US system is not well-understood over here.

I wouldn't be too worried about the warnings attached to Mtx. The drug companies have to warn of all known side effects experienced by patients, most of them are extremely unlikely to occur. Injecting Mtx does seem to be the way to go - fewer of the commoner side effects that way and it's apparently a much more efficient way of taking the drug.

Biologics do sometimes stop working as well as they did. And there is an element of trial and error in finding the best one. Will your insurance cover you if you need to try a different biologic? A year and a half is a long time to put up with RA but in treatment terms it is still perhaps early days. Nearly 3 years down the line I'm working again, exercising loads and feeling great much of the time. I'm still have problems but nothing like the rollercoaster of the first two years. It does sound as if you have quite a go-getting rheumy and that is half the battle.

You so don't need to be worrying about insurance on top of everything else and my heart goes out to you. However I understand that there are many ways around such problems. I hope that the organisation twitchy mentions will be able to advise.


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