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I have just had my monthly HAH delivery and it came within the two hour slot allocated. The courier informed me that I was his fourth delivery but the first he was able to deliver as the others were not at home. I have read a lot on this site about some of the problems with HAH and I have also experienced my own problems in the past. Obviously I don't know the circumstances to be able to judge why patients were not at home to receive their medication, but maybe we should also concede that we're not perfect either and try and understand the frustration the drivers would feel when this happens especially after all the complaints that probably come their way.

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  • I'd like to agree with you, but too many bad experiences. I've been on the receiving end of one delivery that turned up 4 hours earlier than they said (ie delivery arrived at 9.00am not in the 1pm-6pm slot that I was told) so very lucky I was in, and another where driver barely knocked at the door, and a third where he was was driving off by the time I got to the front door even tho' I'm not that slow and the house isn't that big. So I'm not impressed by their delivery people any more than I am by the organisation.

  • I had this over the bank holiday whereby the delivery arrived early through people not being there. But as I said to him my delivery time according to the website was 14-16:00 and he had me down as 11-13.00, so if this was happening to others then no wonder they were not in. He delivered to me by 9:30!

    I also agree with Helix comments regarding the way the drivers do not give you time to answer the door either. I live in a flat and have to get down the stairs before I can answer the door. My husband is not always here to answer the door.

    Am still out with the jury on this company, will have to see how they appear this Monday.

  • I too would like to say that the amount of times I have got to the door to find them driving off. I now have a note in my window asking them to give me time to get to the door. It should be obvious that with RA that there are days you can't be an Olympic runner. On one occasion he rang the bell. And was down the path before it had even stopped.

  • In Scotland my deliveries are made by BUPA, I wish you could all get the kind of service I have had. They phone the week before the delivery to check my stock and confirm that someone will be in. At 6.00pm the day before I get a text with the 2 hour slot. The only time they have been late was when it was snowing! I felt sorry for the driver who still had 200 miles to drive in the dark to get home to Glasgow.

  • My problem is not so much with the individuals - who are probably following the policies of the company (although those policies should allow for people to get to the door!) - my issue is with the policies and managerial running of this company - which returned a profit of 14 million pounds after tax in 2013 - profit made from NHS funding whilst NHS patients are not receiving the medicines they require. If you are not getting a reasonable level of service then I would urge people to let NRAS know so they can advocate on our behalf as this company seems to pay no attention to the individual who complains.

  • I have to say maybe I am the exception but they have always been very good with me , not always the case it seems ..

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