ARGH .. mini rant!! Awaiting HaH

HaH phoned almost three hours ago to say they would be with me within the half hour!!! I have been waiting without any music or noise or daring to go upstairs to the bathroom or even make a phone call and I need to make a couple of important ones. Maybe I have been forgotten. Also have to try finish a project and send off by email for an exhibition so I do hope it is not going to be like the case of the guy who posted here a few months back .. that his delivery arrived at 11.30pm!! Friday afternoons (and Monday mornings) are the worst time to travel on the motorways so guess they have got stuck but hope they come soon. Each delivery seems so have some confusion and makes me quite nervous about it these days, but at least I can get through on the phones now! Mini rant over ;-) .. think I will make a nice cuppa and steal the last of my husband's Green & Black choc and sit on patrol looking through the kitchen window ........

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  • Also been having major issues with HaH. Can really sympathise with you.

  • Hope you have sorted things out. I have got through very quickly but didn't phone yesterday as I had a feeling they would be back later in the day!

  • Hiya me too!!

    Waited and waited yesterday but mo delivery came. Tried to get through to HAH on the phone, was waiting in a queue with the awful music and stupid message about text alerts for an hour then I hung up. Never experienced problems with them before. Will have to ring on Monday morning and see if I have any better luck. Did you delivery come in the end? Mine didn't

  • Oh no ... I hope you aren't needing your med before it comes again. I hope they can give you a better time slot when they re-deliver .. maybe less than the usual half day. I have had mostly the other sort of problems .. them delivering an extra supply on a couple of occasions and also just turning up on spec even though I had not arranged it with them. Once I was in and once I was not!

  • I work in e NHS and I'm truly shocked and appalled by the service HAH provide. I arranged for my cimzia to be delivered on Wednesday to my work address, I waited in vain because it didn't arrive. I tried ringing the "help" line and gave up after 40 minutes on hold. Whilst I was waiting I checked out how to complain and found out the only way to do so was to....... Ring the help line! I then emailed instead and the day after got a phone call from the call centre telling me that the delivery had been made and signed for! I explained that I thought I would remember having done that and having checked with reception (who even checked the CCTV to be sure no delivery had arrived) I told them clearly there was a mistake. It took another day for them to get the delivery company to finally admit the driver signed for it himself!

    They then agreed to make a further delivery the day after (three days late) and again I waited in vain until late on Friday afternoon when I tried in vain to get threw on the phone because I was about to miss my require dose of cimzia.

    I eventually got through on the Saturday to be informed again that the delivery had been made which was patently untrue. So here I am sat having missed my meds, with no further delivery scheduled (they can't authorise it until the delivery company accepts they didn't make the delivery Friday) waiting for the flare in symptoms I know will inevitably follow.

    If this was any other part of the NHS I would understand how to complain and the fact that a staff member is blatantly lying about the issue of drugs would be recorded as a serious untoward incident. But in the current increasingly privatised NHS. Clinical risk and clinical management appear to be second to cost.

  • KK, I am so sorry to here of this .. you just can believe it when things go from bad to worse .. two non-deliveries and drivers disputing this. I am sorry that you are going to be a week late with your med by the time it arrives and the stress alone is enough to make a flare come on, but missing a dose due to logistics and delivery disputes is upsetting. I phoned them two weeks ago to arrange my yesterday delivery and got through immediately ... it was Bank Hol Monday so think that may have been why. Not so many people phoning them on a hol? I wish you luck and hope this is soon sorted out. x

  • Hello :) Unbelievable!!! What drug are you waiting for? I thought R is by infusion? Do they deliver only biologics or all sorts of meds? I'm quite shocked at the idea of getting a delivery at 11.30pm?! It's ludicrous!

    I'm very glad you've got some decent choc while you're waiting :)

    Love, Christine xx

  • Hi Christine ..was just about to PM you this weekend and ask how it is going? Hope your tum sorted and all going well in general? I receive MTX from HaH as I have to have that too still at a reduced dose of 15mgs injection as well as R infusions at hospital. HaH came at 5.20pm .. over three hours late .. why they phoned and said they would be there at 2pm I don't know??!! He said he came at 1200 and I did hear the tiniest of taps on the door but thought it was one of the many people who are always canvassing round here. Though they were supposed to phone you or leave a card. Anyhow they did come back. I cancelled a blood test too at the GP's that am, as it was 1050 as I felt they might even come in the morning even though I asked for 1-6pm. Ah well, it's here now. I don't know exactly what they deliver as well as the two Biologics I have had (Enbrel and Humira) although I think someone said they got Cimzia from them. Maybe they do all the pen/injection biologics? My previous main HaH delivery guy was nice and he knew to open the back porch and come in and tap on the inner door. When I got him it was no problem. It is a very good idea if they do tell you they are coming in half an hour etc so people with difficulties getting up etc or in wheelchairs can sit nearer the door ready. I have had that too when my knee was really bad .. I shouted ... Just a minute .. I am on my way .. and got to the door in thirty seconds from my lounge sofa to back kitchen door to see the guy driving off down the cul de sac!!! ARGH! I don't know who the poor guy was who wrote about the 11.30pm delivery but it was on the main HaH problem thread. Yes, the gorgeous G&B Lemon dark choc kept me going! ;-) Need a supply for when things go gaga! Have "Divine" brand dark choc with raspberries in the fridge. Hope you have plenty of dark choc supplies?!

    Love Julie xxx

  • Hello Julie :) Yes, things are going quite well!! I’ve just come back from cycling, the first time since my steroid withdrawal (been too tired during that whole process). Nothing too strenuous but a good hour along the river and up a rather mean hill! I enjoyed it a lot :) Yesterday, I bought 2 gorgeous bikinis – and they are not even from the children’s section :D So you see, the tummy stuff has improved somewhat, I am still in quite a lot of discomfort a lot of the time but I want to go swimming and sunbathing this year without scaring people so I just put a bit more effort into the whole gaining weight thing and it’s working !!! The best thing so far is natural almond butter : very calorific, very healthy and very yummy ! Works miracles lol!

    At work, am in the midst of salary negotiations, it’s tough but I am not backing down, I know what I‘m worth !!!

    I am glad you finally got your MTX. HaH sounds like it’s in a real bad state! Can’t believe they wouldn’t phone ahead or at the very least make themselves known when they are actually at the door. Maybe people should leave cooling boxes for the biologics outside the door and the HaH morons could drop them there???? And just a regular box for the MTX??

    How ist he R going? I suppose it’s he one that can take quite a while to work?

    Lemon dark choc sounds gorgeous!!!!! I once had a lemon and black pepper dark choc, very nice !!! I have some 70 % and 85 % choc bars but will need to go to Germany and pick up the yummy raw organic choc 82 % bars they have there, I could live off them, they’re soo nice!!!

    I hope you have lots of sunshine as well and are able to enjoy it :)

    Love, Christine xxxxxxxxx

  • Up until four months ago, I knew I could rely upon a regular service; I would recognize which delivery driver it was through the HAH tracker, and generally knew which order they'd deliver in. Some of these new guys knock on the door with a feather and scarper faster than a TNT postman. I'm terrified to go for a wee, or even to put the kettle on in case it makes too much noise. I think I'll sit in the porch with Tena Lady & a flask of tea.

  • LOL Andrea, that is so funny .. I am gigging like mad at that thought! That is exactly what happened on my door at 1200 ... the feather followed by a sprint to the van! I went as fast as I could from front bedroom where I had been changing to back where they park. No-one there. I wanted the loo waiting for them later that aft too so daren't have a drink. You know when you go upstairs to the loo they will have been and gone in a flash! I do think they should realise a lot of people with RA/related issues are slow to get up and to the door. If I have been sitting a while my knee locks, but I was quick off the mark to get there this time at 5.20pm. Couldn't face another day in, waiting.

  • They're supposed to be trained to recognise the client group they deliver to (a multitude of different meds, for different conditions, abilities & age groups), but they don't appear to take a blind bit of notice. I got lucky with my last delivery driver: he was beaming with pride in his brand new, HaH logo chunky sweater without knobbly bits, two hours early & presenting me with both my Enbrel & an unrequested Sharps box, as if I'd won EuroMillions! Damn fortunate that I was doing the sulfasalazine shuffle down the hall at the time.

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