Hi all. Just an update for all those who have been messed around with HAH over the last few weeks. My husband wrote a letter to Mike Gorden the CEO of this company. It was obviously worded in a way that made him pick up the phone and call us. He has arranged for a delivery to be sent out TODAY.

He apologised profusely saying that back in Nov, HAH had to take on 15,000 more customers because an American company pulled out of the uk. There was 60,000 customers in all and these were split between 4 uk companies, hence HAH got 15,000 of these.

Also, BT didn't give them enough lines to cope with the extra calls and the email system went down also because of this.

He has assured us that this has now all been resolved and everything should get back to normal within a few days.

Hope this has reassured people out there who have had problems over the last few weeks, and deliveries now come when they say they're going to come! TT x

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  • One thing that explained all, private company blaming a private company they did not give us enough telephone lines.

    BT do not give lines free it is up to the customer to know what is required. What a weak excuse


  • Perhaps there was a physical shortage of lines to the premises. Obviously if BT have run new cables then the reason for the delay is valid. I know when our phone line failed it took time to repair it as a new underground cable had to be run, the up side was however that our internet speed increased 8 times!! Still only 1.8mb but considering the distance from the exchange and our previous 240k service a great improvement.

  • Hello

    For my sins I was a BT Engineer I did design work for them many moons ago. Companies would ask for a given number of lines, we would design for them and we would ask did they need slack in the Office, they would say no and purchase a board to small for the service they wanted too give. So what used to happen, they had to purchase a new board that was recommended in the first place, they were trying to save money.

    Who-ever is to blame it can always work both ways, I was retired on ill health grounds, so you can imagine how I feel regarding same

    All the best


  • I posted a message last night giving exactly the same info and an email address.

    glad you got it sorted


  • Good stuff! Power to the people ! And glad you got your injections xx

  • Sounds like a good response, but lets keep them under review. File all the correspondence in case its a more systemic problem. I think they're on probation!

  • That is wonderful news- I have just got home from a New Year break and was preparing myself to write to him also, however, yesterday I got a call to arrange my delivery on time for my next injection date....the first since I was transferred over to this company three months ago! Makes a huge difference instead of me having to stress myself chasing for a delivery every month- however they still have not responded to my emails of complaint, nor do I know who my nurse for me they are on probation.......but happy that I have a delivery date set


  • I had a call yesterday as well. I had a complaint in with the finance and procurement departments of the local health authority. I don't know if this was a factor. I had the same reasons given. What I don't understand is why, if the excuse is true, letters didn't go out in the beginning. It has caused considerable upset and wasted time. I received my meds on Thursday (the fourth date given).

  • Thanks for the update. I hope your delivery turned up. It sounds hopeful that things will improve but I'm certainly going to be keeping my eye on things. I agree with what BOB says about the BT lines though, I think HAH should be taking responsibility for their bad (or total lack) of planning. Fingers crossed things are moving in the right direction anyway.

  • I received a letter from HAH, on Thursday,, explaining why so many have had such a disruption in their delivery of Enbrel.the last few weeks. As suggested, I emailed the company but, as yet, have had no reply. I am now totally out of syringes. Just hope I hear from them this week. Otherwise, I suppose, my next option is to contact my RA clinic. Must also write to Mike Gordon. Thank you for your action and helping me to know what to do. It is a disgrace isn't it?!

  • Yes it is a disgrace Magglen, if we hadn't written that letter (my husband in actual fact) i'm not sure i'd have my drugs even now. The letter was certainly "strong" without being rude and to the point! Hubby comes in useful sometimes when something needs to be done..he doesn't hold back! BOB i also copied PALS in the letter too, so the NHS should get a kick up the back side about it too.

    Thank you for all your responses. If it wasn't for this forum none of us would have a clue what was going on! Great that we can all correspond with each other and keep unto date.

    TT x

  • Give your husband a hug from me! xx

  • ;)

  • Hi I had my delivery aborted 5 times with no notice but what was the worst problem was at 1am in the morning we had a knock at the door a delivery of my Symponi (golimumab) I was horrified but I had to inject straight away because it wasn`t kept refrigerated for the journey. I was overdue the injection as it was so at 1.30am I was doing the injecting. What a palava then feeling rough the next day. That was my experience I got being one of the 15,000 patients transferred from Medco.

  • not good stiffen lady…i'm not sure if this company is sorting itself out even now, its not filling me with a lot of confidence, The CEO is now pretty much a best friend of my hubby the amount of times we've had to call him, but the companies in melt down, trying to get back on their feet. Crossed fingers (if we can) that everything will be sorted within a few more weeks. TT

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