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New job

Hi all

I start my first job next week after completing my uni degree and wanted some tips on how you all manage with tiredness and aches etc. I am 9 weeks pregnant and struggling a lot with sickness and tiredness so hoping for any kind of tips on how to make it seem a manageable task. I am working in a school so it is likely to be very active and just hope I am capable of doing the job justice!

Thank you in advance for any replies

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Hi Sian

I ate ginger biscuits when I had morning sickness and the ginger helped. I used to volunteer in a primary school reading with year 1 kids and helping the teacher set up for art. I also helped out on trips etc but had to give it up. My neck and back used to get do stiff bending down to hear the kids and I was do uncomfortable sitting on those tiny chairs ( I am 5 "11). Make sure you put your feet up at lunch time and stay put for your entire break. Don't be affraid to tell the other staff about your RD/RA. When you get home rest! Pick very simple dishes for evening meals. Nothing wrong with beans on toast. Let your loved one help you.

Love KiKi x


I am a primary teacher and have had RA for 10 years. The best move for me was being sent to occupational health. I was a bit worried at first, but they are on your side. I was asked what I found difficult in my job. For me the worst things were teaching PE and doing playground duty. A report was sent to school and I no longer do these on a regular basis. Good luck next week.

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I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back!! My days of pregnancy and work are over but I reckon you just need to get a good balance, plan ahead each evening for the next day, get as much help as possible from others, the ginger biscuits is a good one too, try not to be too hard on yourself, but I really think that you just need to stay on top of everything as best you can and at the weekends catch up on rest....................

Best of luck to you with your new job and your pregnancy too x


I work around 40 hours a week and also have a freelance business that I run in my 'spare' time. I suffer badly with fatigue and have now had to trim down my life so that pretty much all I do is swim in the morning, go to work, then come home. No room for a social life as i'm just too exhausted as I put all of my energy into work.

My best tips for you would be to rest in the evenings. Don't make additional plans to go out and keep housework on weekday evenings to a minimum. You'll need more rest than usual and your brain will take a battering too, so my other tip is to keep on top of things at work by making lists of tasks. When you meet new people or take on new information, write it down and set alerts and reminders if necessary for meetings etc.

I wish you lots of luck and hope it goes well for you. It's hard, but you can do it x


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