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Hello all

Well I have just changed job locations and for the last 3 weeks I have been travelling to and from Darwen which is near Blackburn. As I live in Liverpool and normally travel to town centre which is between 15 - 20mins my journey is now 50 mins to 1 hour each way. I love driving so i don't mind the journey but trouble is my left wrist has started to play up and my left foot has flared. I am putting this down to it being my clutch foot and gear stick hand. I think i am going to have to trade my car in for an automatic as I may be here for a while.

It is an internal move so its something I wanted to do but I have an interview next Thursday which is a promotion so I am a bag of nerves already. Hope i get it though as i have been striving for a promotion for a long time but the previous office had no opportunities. Wish me luck!

Just hope my joints withhold the journey or I will be in trouble.


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Hi Deb,

Good luck with the interview on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you.

I used to have a 1 hour commute in my care also and had the same difficulties you have described.

I traded mine in for automatic and it made a HUGE difference so, if you can, go for it. I get my car via motability and they agreed to an early exchange with very little fuss. Hope helps.




Good luck with the interview, I am sure you will be fine.

I agree with Judy you should find the automatic easier to drive, especially on the joints.



Debs good luck with the interview you'll ace it so there is no worries there. If your on higher rate for mobility for dla,get a peugot, we have just ordered one and it doesn't have a hand break and it is higher for me to get into and hubby says its a lovely car to drive,i'll take his word for it as i'm not fit to drive yet.

Best of luck, sylvi.xx


good luck with the interview Debs, you will do well i am sure. I have only ever driven automatics - poor wee car is falling to pieces at the minute - hope it holds out for another wee while though.


Good luck Debs, I hope you get it. An automatic sounds a great idea and one I'm considering myself.

Paula x


Thanks for all comments, an automatic is the way to go I think so shall start looking at the weekend I think. Anyone know where I can buy automatic feet as well as they are killing me today, my "balls" look more like medicine balls at the moment. Ha!

Will be prepping all weekend for my interview next week, not had one for quite some time, I conduct loads but it is different on the other side of the desk as I am sure you all know. I will post a blog if I get it or if I don't as I know you will all be able to cheer me up if I'm not successful.



I wish you luck for your interview.......

Ive just gone " Automatic!!"......its brilliant...sooooo easy!!.....


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