Just out of interest, any body notice a link with milk and mtx and hydro.

My mother in law has cancer and took mcg as chemotherapy, obviously much larger dose , since then she became intolerant to milk.

I drink hot water, but like the occasional milky coffee ( one a day maybe, this week tuesday and yesterday, I have noticed for me that it leaves my body within half an hour with great urgency. I only spotted the link when I had a second coffee yesterday.

Just wondering if any body else had spotted a connection with them.

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  • Hi , I've recently worked out that I have a problem with dairy and in fact a lot of my symptoms that I put down to the meds or RA such as nausea, dizziness and tiredness stopped when I stopped the dairy. Didn't make the connection with the drugs though, just thought it was a separate condition.


  • Not sure if there is a connection between milk intolerance and methotrexate. But since having RD I have developed an intolerance to cows milk, I have to drink almond, and soya milk now. I have read that having a weakened immune system can set us up for food intolerances. Are you sure it's the milk and not the coffee?

  • I'm sorry about your m-i-l but hope she's reacting well to treatment.

    There is evidence that dairy can affect those taking MTX. I've looked into this for both myself & my h who has IBS, though he still suffers & avoids dairy wherever possible. I've solved my problems, strangely enough with milk by using full fat instead of semi skimmed & have reduced my intake but skimmed seems to suit my h better & just limits his amount though I do buy low fat yoghurt which he can just about tolerate if he has them infrequently & I seem fine with. I was told when diagnosed to use full fat milk & don't cut back on dairy, in fact was encouraged to use all to help my bone density but decided in my wisdom to continue using semi skimmed & when I started having problems recently decided to take my Consultant's advice!! It's called villous atrophy & leads to secondary lactase deficiency. This link may be of interest

  • Hello

    I am on sulphazaline, MTX and hydroxychloroquine, and have noticed when I have cereals with cows milk I do get a reaction, my hand seems to be stiffer and more swollen, however, since I switched to soya milk there has been a big difference and the soya milk is very nice (I do still have cows milk in tea though)

  • From someone who is allergic to dairy beware as Goats milk is almost identical to cows and soya also has its own problems like taking up iron in the diet is not so easy. Can I suggest mild black tea, and use Alpro oat milk instead of diary and soya. I have no interests in the company just found it better than oatly that seems to be watery to me. This is my own opinion. A mixture diet is the best thing to have no mater what.

  • Hi positive, I have not had any problems with milk due to meds, but for all the years I had Urticaria I found Lacto free milk suited me best. Apparently, the little area in the gut which deals with the sugars including lactose doesn't work as well as we get older and so it can cause some tummy upsets. Lactose free milk is in most supermarkets these days. So, give it a try and see if it makes a difference. June x

  • after suffering horribly with stomach issues - I found the website - eat for your blood type - which said for me to eliminate dairy- within 24hrs I noticed issues I was having dissapeared and my stomach feels much better. not sure the meds caused, but I have also now eliminated the " night shades" as well as gluten, so you ask- " what the heck is left to eat??" not much but I feel better.

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