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Question about not being able to sleep

Hello everyone!! I am fairly new on here as I have only been diagnosed a few weeks ago and have not had an appointment with rheumatologist yet.

But one thing is extremely bugging me... not being able to sleep! I always feel tired but the minute I am in bed it's like my body is wide awake and fighting against me!! I feel exhausted, and very sore. Each day gets worse, and makes me very unproductive!! And to make matters worse, my family act as if I am acting and making up the insomnia as an excuse to be slow at things.

Does anyone have any answers to not sleeping? How can I make my body want to sleep? (Except warm milk, I'm lactose intolerant) I will be very very thankful to any ideas, as I am getting desperate!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

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I listen to a relaxing track on my iPad and figure that even if I am not sleeping at least I am resting.

I do drink a glass of warm almond milk with turmeric, black pepper, a little coconut milk and a dash of honey in it before bedtime (look up turmeric paste and 'golden milk' and you are sure to get a 'hit' on how to make it.... turmeric is a good anti inflammatory and the black pepper helps with its absorption).

A warm bath helps me and going to bed the same time each night is helpful. Try not to drink caffeinated drinks or eat sugary things after lunch time (not at all is best but not always desirable).

All the best



Thanks for this - just been reading about golden milk as a result - going to try it!

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I have a feeling this a pretty common experience. You may think you're ok but it sounds as if your mind is working overtime secretly worrying in the background. All I can suggest is the standard sleep hygiene approaches. So taking some exercise in late afternoon and then complete calm and no TVs or computer screen for several hours before you go to bed.

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I have sleep problems too I believe it's a common thing with RD. I suffer badly with fatigue and the more tired I am I become quite nauseas which reduces my appetite. Also noticed food I liked before diagnosis I can't tolerate now.

I have tried all sorts of remedies to help with symptoms and tiredness. GP has now given me amitryptine to help me relax and aid sleep.

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Welcome to the club ! I listen to sleep music on you tube. There's loads on there and you should find one that suits (as some can be really annoying ).

I'll have to try this golden milk tho !!!

Good luck

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Thanks everyone, it feels a bit better knowing I'm not alone! Thank you for all the advice, can't wait to see if it helps.

Thank so much!!!


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