Hip hip hooray!

Hi everyone. Well at last i am going in wednesday to have shoulder opp :-) ive only been in pain for 2 1/2 years. They rang to say there was a cancelation & did i want it YES PLEASE. I am having a Shoulder Arthroscopy Decompression. I have been suffering with impingement & tendonitis i hope it works as my consultant has said it may not work & it could make it worse, but i said if i dont give it ago i will never know. Xx Alison

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  • Good luck! Hope it goes really well after such a long wait! M x

  • Best of luck - hope it works brilliantly!

  • Wow that's a long time. When were you added to the list? Anyway, hope all goes well & it's gives you relief.

  • I went through the usual thing, painkillers, xray, scan, mri & steroid injections until i said no more i want something doing. I should have gone on the list last August but when i went to easibook i found out my blood pressure was really high. Went to my gp the same day & it took until about Feb this year to regulate it. I was taken off the list as it had been a few months since seeing the consultant. From seeing him again it has been 8 weeks he did put me down as urgent or else it would be 18 weeks waiting. Xx Alison

  • I suppose at least they investigated & didn't just fob you off with steroids & pain relief. I'm pleased your bp is under control so all is well for your op.

    Expecting a full report when you're comfortable enough! x

  • Good luck Alison xx

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