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Awful pain in right shoulder and arm


Hi everyone for the last day and a half I’ve had a pain in my shoulder and arm. Shoulder is a bit swollen and also fingers. I’m wondering if this is a flare up or trapped nerve. I am going to ring doctor today for steroids as I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 nights with pain. I’m maxed out on codeine and ibuprofen. I sometimes wonder if it is a flare up or something else. I can’t get dressed to go to doctors so I’m relying on him to make a decision as to steroids. I’ve RA for 3 years now and was stable on my meds.

During that time I’ve had a couple of flare ups in hands and feet but never shoulder.

Anybody else had a problem with shoulder


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Morning, yes I have, it came on gradually though. My rheumatologist sent me for an x-ray, calcium was found in the joint. A steroid injection was given by my GP into the joint ouch! Not sure my GP would of given me the shot without having an x-ray.

I found heat helped with the pain & I tried to keep my shoulder moving. I can’t take painkillers so can’t advise on them. Good luck.

Oucheeeeee! Yes, I had similar over the last bank hol. I put a post up about it. I called the out of hours doc and said 'if there was a bus going by, I'd rather be run over by it'. Must admit, his reply made me laugh when he said 'you'd have to get down the stairs first though'. Good point! It's an excruciating pain isn't it? Deep in the shoulder and every inch you move makes you scream? In fact, you can only move your arm if you push it with your other hand? There is hope! Out of hours doc came round, gave me pain killers and upped my Pred to 10mg a day on a reducing dose. Mine cleared within a few hours and I was left feeling a bit battered and bruised, but it did rapidly subside.

I really hope you feel much better soon. It's horrid.

dawnee12 in reply to Cwendyn

Hello I just rang doctor he’s leaving me a prescription for steroids. I know they work like magic. My daughter going to pick them up for me as I cannot even get pyjamas off. How horrible this disease is but I know it won’t be long until they work. Take care

Cwendyn in reply to dawnee12

Yay to feeling better later today. Yes, Pred is the golden ticket for me too. Glad you'll be feeling better soon.

Hi Dawn I have been experiencing exactly the same thing for the last week things have got so bad that I cannot get dressed clean my teeth or move my arms away from my body yesterday my husband took me to the doctor and the doctor thinks that in addition to the RA I have possibly torn a ligament I will now be going for an x-ray I have been given tramadol and be put back onto steroids as I am in so much agony I tried working for a few days this week but the pain has been so intense 10 times worse than childbirth I have never known pain like this before I have not been able to sleep. I hope the steroids work and that I can get some mobility and that the pain Becomes bearable. I wish you the best please let me know how you get on thank you. I have had to record this message because I cannot use my right arm hand at all I have also now started to flare in my left hand.

dawnee12 in reply to MandiS

Oh dear I know what your saying about the pain I felt like chopping my arm off last night lol. I’ve spoken to dr and they are leaving me a prescription for steroids. I’ve had these before when I had a flare in my foot and they work like magic. Take care

Yes ive had pain in shoulder down arm and tinging numbnes in had. Fortunately i was seeing rheumy 10 says later. I hardly slept during that time and in my back with arm on pillow. He said it was probably tendinitis and carpol tunnel. Offered injection into shoulder but tbh i couldnt stand the thought of shoulder being touched so im resting it, upped pain and ant inflamatories to maximum. Hand remains same, shoulder a little improved. Not sure where it will end. Thats me. Hope you improve soon.

dawnee12 in reply to Ruth12345

Hi Ruth thank you for your reply. I called dr this morning and they are leaving me a prescription for steroids. I know these work quickly and I can’t wait to get them. Just wasn’t sure if it was a flare but reading all the replies I’m now sure it is. Like yourself if anyone touched my shoulder I would literally feel like hitting them lol take care

Me!! I had 2 shoulder episodes before I was diagnosed that now, looking back, I’m sure was a flare. And I’m now experiencing a shoulder flare as well...which is just the worst because you can hardly move with out it affecting your shoulder.

On Monday afternoon my collar bone/ shoulder area started to hurt and I thought it felt like a muscle issue...maybe slept wrong or something. Finally on Wednesday it dawned on my that, duh, it’s probably a flare! This is my first flare since starting MTX in October. Hubby has had to help me change clothes because getting shirts on and off is like torture. I feel like it’s slowly getting better with a ice/heat/ ibuprofen regimen. I was planning to call my rheumy Monday if no improvement has happened.

Hi I can feel your pain as they say. Just off the phone to my doctor and they are leaving me a prescription for steroids. I have had them before and they work like magic. I wasn’t too sure if this is was a flare as I’ve never had one in shoulder and arm. Thank you for replying.

Hi dawnee, I had it for a few months and it tries to return if I remain in one position too long. I started reacting with nausea and severe dizziness to tramadol so took CBD Oil, and that seemed to settle it. It had been as bad as yours, nauseating pain that went up head and scalp. Hope it improves for you soon. :-)

dawnee12 in reply to charisma

I got my steroids at 12 o’clock and I’m already feeling relief thank goodness. Don’t think I would like tramadol it’s very strong

charisma in reply to dawnee12

Yes, it is but was absolutely necessary for me for months. Glad you are noticing relief already! :-)

I can so relate to all of the comments on the shoulder and arm pain I’ve been experiencing this for five months now. I live in Arizona and because of COVID the doctors offices are closed. Had my appointment by phone. Rheumy said I could get a steroid injection when they reopen. I tried electrical therapy by a chiropractor who said it was pain radiating from my neck. The treatment helped somewhat but when therapy stopped it returned. In addition I developed an occasional tremor in that hand. I can feel the tremor in my arm as well. Occasionally I’ll havepain in other arm also. It’s awful. I’ve tried naproxen but get more relief from topical prescription gel. I have a good CBD ointment that helps somewhat. Has anyone else experienced their hand tremoring?

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