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The sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray! - Bye Bye pink lap top:(

The sun is shining. The forecast is good, I had lovely humira yesterday. I have lost 10lbs after stopping steroids at xmas. My dogs are not fighting. My hubby is smiling. My mum looks well (for 83) My daughters are working, god life is good today.

One sad thing though, I have to give my laptop to my son, I can't tell you how much sadness this brings me :( Its a sacrifice , I have to make, I'm the Irish mammy and he's the darling son!) - also can't complete his film in college without a good one. So I'm getting his clapped out one (internet access is all I need apparently!)

I won't let it get me down, I just sent him a text saying I'm said coz my baby is leaving home, that is my pink and silver baby! You might think he cares that its pink, but he is in art college, what more can I say!!!!!!!

Hope weather as fab in U.K. as is in Dublin. I got a burnt neck yesterday as much a side effect of plaquinil as sun I think!

Talk later.

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The sun is shining here as well and it makes you feel so good, I'm going to go out in the garden for a while. Now I'm sure you are really going to miss your lappie, but be kind to the old one don't go and upset it you know computers take things pretty hard. then they sulk.

happy days.

remember that life is too short to be taken seriously



sunny gloshire too xx


Hi Gina, weather fab here too, in the west Midlands. Have been in garden all day have to make the most of it.

mand xx


Sunshine in Cumbria too - I KNOW! x


Sunny in London xxx


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