If I move out if the area will I still get my Simponi?

Hi, I have been on Simponi for almost 4 months, so have had 3 injections up to now and seeing good results . I was told I was only eligible for Simponi because I lived in an area that had full NHS funding. I may have to move as my husband has left me, but am worried if I go somewhere else I might not get this drug...does anyone know if I move out if the area if I will still get my Simponi?

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  • If you do have to move home could it not be in within the area that your funding covers or are you thinking it may have to completely away from it. If so I am not sure what would happen, you may find that your new area will be able to continue with the funding as you have already past the criteria.

    If you have an area in mind, maybe contact the rheumy team at the hospital and ask the question, it may help you to make the right decision for you. Sorry not to be helpful as I have not had to do this.

    Lastly I am sorry to hear that you had to break up from your husband for whatever reason and I hope that you will be able to get over it soon and that your RA is not effected by it. Take care.

  • Ask your rheumatologist or your rheumatology nurse if they can make sure you get referred and properly transferred to the new area, so that your treatment is seamless. You want to be able to set things in motion enough in advance that all the paperwork is done in the new area well before you need the next dose. It is possible that you might not get it, but I think you would have a fairly good case for arguing for continuing it if it is actually working. You obviously meet criteria in your current region, and criteria are fairly much the same in different areas. The biggest issue would be just making sure there isn't any delay in the changeover period.

  • What type of arthritis do you take simponi for? I have ankylosing spondilitis and have been on remicade and now humira. I have found that both drug companies have help to pay for the drugs and also Johnson and Johnson also has a application to apply for assistance.

  • I'm guessing you aren't in the UK? In the UK its a bit of a fuss getting approval, but once you get it, then there is no charge. Its also approved on a regional basis, so if you change NHS regions, then you have to go through the approval process again, but again, money isn't the issue, its whether you meet criteria.

  • If there are issues regarding continuation of your medicine in a different area that your rheumatology team cannot sort out write to the Director of Public Health for the new area - the list of Directors is here:


    One of their roles is to reduce avoidable health inequalities in health in the UK - such as postcode prescribing.

    So you could write and explain your situation - and the impact on you if you could not continue to access this medicine in your new area and ask how they can help you continue on the medicine that you require.

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