What will I get at 65

Hi Beeper here, I was getting DLA and just been tested for PIP. Waiting for result. I am 65 in July,  can I still get pip when I draw my state pension or do I have to give it up. I don't mind not expecting to get both but I did get working tax credit one time when I went partime. Then when I no longer need it and never applied they said I owed the 1,000 over payment. I fought and fought, in the end I paid it back. I don't want it to happen with my pip. 

Yours Brian

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  • Hiya Brian. To be honest I get a bit mixed up with the changeover from DLA to PIP & as it hasn't applied to me I don't worry my already addled brain too much but this Gov link may help if you haven't happened across it already gov.uk/government/uploads/s...

  • Yes, you will get it. I am 69, and get DLA as well as my pension. M x

  • If you apply when over pension age you can only apply for attendance allowance

  • I've just been doing a bit more delving & on several sites I've read it would seem as long as you're 65 before you start claiming PIP you continue on it. What does seem a bit confusing is that I've also read that if you're awarded PIP before you're 65 it can continue but as you're waiting for the result I can only think as long as it's awarded you will continue on it. I understand why you've asked the question, it's this being so close to the cut off age, but I wouldn't have thought they'd have assessed you if you weren't entitled. As Mavis says if you weren't eligible to change over from DLA to PIP & you still have care needs the DWP would probably have suggested you see if you're eligible for Attendance Allowance.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Hello Brian. ThIs is a terrible worry for so many people of this age group. From what I have been told anyone under 65 in 2016 will have to be changed over to PIP. I was 65 in 2015so this should apply to me......meaning I will remain on DLA forever, as far as I know. For you it looks like a key you will have to be moved over to PIP. Now, having said all that my ability to retain details has not been great for some time now so you should check on one of the gov sites or here on NRSA to confirm. It is now May 2016 and I never had any contact from DWP with regarding a change over to PIP......touch wood! All the best Brian, I hope I've helped rather than muggying the water even more. 

  • I believe the cut off date is April 2013 so if you were 65 before then you remain on DLA born after that as I was [by 8months] you will eventually be asked to apply for PIP if you fail do do so your DLA will stop.

    I am still waiting for my brown enverlope  inviting me to apply [ strange wording they use, sounds like a party invite} I emphasis as it is very unnerving.

  • Oh s**t, just when I was ought I was safe!!! However it may be different here in the north of Ireland as what applies in England and Wales wouldn't necessarily be the law here.......it's all very confusing isn't it Brian? I th No for me an appointment with the lovely CAB people is in order or one of the very good community activist centre we have here. All the very best anyhow Brian, take care and thanks for your reply......I think !!!!!!

  • You could well be different in Northern IReland hope so for your sake.

    If it is let me know and I will move it will be less stressful.x

  • It's awful that people who are genuinely ill have to jump through hoops to prove to someone who hasn't a clue what's it's like to live with a serious disease, I get so angry at all this.......not meaning to be offensive but it's the f*****g Tories I blame. No problem for them to get the very best when they fall ill.......they haven't a notion what it's like to depend on the benifits that most of us have worked aloud lives for.......there now I'm off on one......bye for now. XX

  • It would seem it is different in NI Jean, the information I've found is for planning purposes only but it says the cut off date from DLA to PIP is 20th June this year (2016). From that date, people aged 16-64 years will no longer be able to claim DLA. Existing DLA claimants aged 16-64 years, whose benefit is due to come to an end or who report a change in their needs, will be contacted about reassessment for PIP from 20th June 2016 onwards. x

  • Thanks Heels, that's me covered I think. God isn't this awful what they are putting really ill people through. Like most people we all know someone who would bleed the system dry and I agree 100% with weeding these creatures out but there has to be a better more humane way of doing it. Anyhow darling, how are you? I don't comment on here as much as I used to, I needed it more in the past but I still have my days!!

    I'm still on gradually increasing doses of Pedniswhateveritscalled.........manic as hell some days, eating my way through the evenings and then collapse in a heap by about 8 pm. Was also prescribed Neurontin by my 'jaw' doc. The 300mg three times a day just knocked me out so I'm on 100mg x 3 until I build tolerance. Does anyone know anything about this drud? I'm not too sure if it's the latest steroid increase or the Neurontin (Gabapentin) that is helping with my pain but something is doing a grand job of it. Also this must be the new drug of choice as my brother was also prescribed it in the US for pain too. 

    There now I've just talked about myself for the past two paragraphs......I do hope your well luv. Jean XX

  • Sorry you're increasing pred, it's not preferable is it but I'm sure your Dr. Armstrong knows what he's doing. 

    I tried gabapentin for my neck troubles 11 months ago & eventually got up to 1800mg a day but I'm afraid it did nothing for the reason it was prescribed but did make be somewhat vacant. In fact at the time I was doing all the driving (my h was recovering from his sternal reconstruction op & had not been cleared to drive) & he noticed my driving was affected, judgement & such. Well that did it, he so rarely comments negatively about my driving & I hadn't noticed so that concerned me. I had a talk with my GP about it, we both decided it wasn't for me so started tapering the dose & eventually finished last September. Just my experience, you know we're all different though so I hope it helps you without side effects & that dropping the dose back to 300m daily will suit you better for now.

    You take care Jean. xxx

  • It's a white envelope now, so watch out

  • Hi when you reach retirement age you can get attendance allowance x

  • Hi Dleadley I am 61 yrs young lol my Daughter has been getting Attendance Alowance for helping to look after me for over a year and my retirement age is 67 x

  • i am 65 was on DLA just changed to PIP so as long as you have been on it before pension age you will be able to claim.In saying that as long

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