Feeling restless,

Don't know what is wrong the last few days but I have been feeling very agitated and restless. my legs are on top form moving and jigging about my skins itchy and feel a bit flu like bodily, I am only at peace for short periods when in bed but am finding myself up in the night with pain in my elbows. I am normally a positive person but I am feeling a bit down and sorry for myself. I have an appointment next Tuesday and I will explain all how I am feeling and to top it all my ankle still has not improved..... moan over people.. well todays moan lol xx

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  • Bazzy just to say your not alone in this we are here for you to moan at. I have itchy skin and when i am tired my legs twitch as well,but i haven't given much thought to it as i thought it was part and parcel of whats wrong with me re;ra/fibro etc. You are allowed to have a down day and feeling sorry for yourself,but when you get up in the morning you say to yourself i will not let the bugger beat me,okay. Love me.xxx

  • hi there can you tell me what causes this itchy skin thing. cheers

  • I wish i knew Denvajade,i wish i knew. Sorry i can't be of mor help.xx

  • I am not sure about the itching either could be a combination of the meds, your nerves or just a factor of RA. xx

  • Hi there sylvi, thanks for your reply I do think that I have restless leg syndrome to be honest thou ive not been told that I am yet to see the doctor about it. Feeling a bit better today but didn't get out of bed till 11 am as was in pain all night with my arms. thanks for responding hope your having a good day.

  • I have been to the drs this morning as my hands was in a very bad way. They are so sore and tender. Anyway it turns out good old RA is having a game with me at the moment. He has upped my steroids to 6 a day for 5 days in the hope that it will settle it down.xxx

  • Hope they work for you and quick hate being uncomfortable its horrible.xxxx

  • I have just come from my doctor for some of the same issues. My elbows and hands have been feeling terrible. I cannot sit in a chair and relax. My legs and bum want to jump out and twitch every few moments. I asked my doctor to please be aggressive as spring is coming and I have lots of outdoor work to do. He took me seriously. Bless him! I will up my mtx to 20 and start prednisone to calm things down. Then will consider remicade if this doesn't help. I hope you find relief soon. Not sure how to get better sleep. I struggle with that one too!

  • Hi shareasmile, that's great news I am glad you have a doctor who listens to you and hope you to find some relief, I wouldn't mind but not only have we the pain of RA to contend with but the annoyance of this irritable feeling in our bodies. I have had another bad day today and cant wait to get to the hospital next week. I am considering celotaping my legs together and gluing my bum to the seat to keep me still lol desperation is not far away. Hope you have some success with what you have been given.xx

  • Thank you Bazzypants. I am ready for the prednisone since it always helps me feel much better. Though I don't like that I have to take so many meds. I hope your week goes quickly and you get good treatment.

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