burning feet and restless legs,osteoathritis of the hips and spine

burning feet and restless legs,osteoathritis of the hips and spine

my feet burn off at night also restless legs , i had hip replaced 6 months ago , awating for the other one doing , cannot do anything for my spine , i have not had a full night sleep in 10 years wearing me out , so tired all day long and very weepy, i am 70 year old i know these things come along with old age but i have suffered from the age of 14 with fybromyalgia wore a steele corset when 25 years of age , but every thing now is so painful , had pain clinic steroid injection into my spine never again, never helped one bit , sorry to moan but wondered if any one had any ideas to help with one pain , i take manuka honey it helps a little but i cannot afford to keep buying it , it cost 25 pounds for 25 plus , help

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  • I really feel for you Sandy it sounds like you're having a horrible time. Unfortunately I'm very new to this RA business but I'm sure others more experienced will have some ideas to share. I'm very lucky at the moment with my back but my Dad suffers terribly. He finds a hot water bottle at the base of his spine when he's sitting down helps. Hasn't your GP offered any other treatment? I hope you get some help soon as nobody should have to just put up with endless pain. Lovely picture by the way.

    Paula x

  • Hi Sandy, I hope you have some respite soon from your pain. No need to apologise, your are in pain and sometimes it helps to talk to others about how you are feeling. I suffer with my feet too, terribly hot and feel like they are in a pressure cooker sometimes, i try to cool them off as this helps. I have pain walking too, so i bought some memory foam insoles, and although they are not fantastic, they do works some days, just depends how bad the pain is. I hope you feel better soon and manage a good nights sleep. Deb

  • Have you tried acupuncture. Some hospital physio do it I found it good my go also does it HP

  • I'm sure this is inadequate for these levels of pain but relaxation and breathing techniques help, as in childbirth! And mindfulness meditation can help with pain, mind over matter. Warm wishes, cathie

  • Hi Sandytez, I have had RA for 40years and been on all types of meds over this time which helped to some degree, but nothing like now that I am having Anti-TNF infusions every 6 weeks which I've had for the last 6years. Wonderful! I feel like a new man most of the time. However, I will not tell you it takes the pain away completely but it helps tremendously. I still get flare-ups and pain in various places, but on the whole I feel good. I would start by going to your GP and insist that you are referred to a Rheumatoid Specialist and then perhaps you will get the treatment that you deserve. Don't suffer in silence! I wish you all the luck with your endeavours. Brian

  • oh poor you, you really need to to back to the doctors and tell him all this, you must make him listen to what you are saying, you have suffered too long you have to get it sorted, i just feel so sorry for you, please let us know how you get on, take care, sue x

  • Hi, burning feet at night - oh yes me too!

    Best thing I find is to have bucket of water near my loo, when I have to get up in the night I stand for a minute or two in it......do be safe though.

    I also have a couple of cut down stretch pull- on bandages, soak them in cold water and wear to bed....yep a real turn on for the old man.

    Good luck, jan

  • I am so sorry to hear that you have problems getting a good night's rest. I have the same problem with burning feet and restless legs some nights, fortunately not too many. The only thing that seems to help for me is to get up and have something to eat and drink - not good for the figure but I do seem to drop off to sleep when I get back to bed. Just popping to the loo doesn't do it, I have to walk around for a bit and be up and out of bed for about 15-20 minutes. Not easy I know if you are in pain all the time.


  • Hi Sandy, I get the hot feet, but i can put up with that, but not the pain. I have been taking Rosehip supplement 2500 for awhile, not sure if they have done any good but don't want to leave them off just incase they have. To think that you have had pain for a large part of your life is unimagineable.You shouldn't feel guilty about moaning, you every right too. Take care Parkie x

  • Your situation sounds horrid, so you must be remarkable for managing to deal with it for so long. I guess that you've tried all the usual things like making sure your mattress suits you, and using cool packs and so on. And take regular pain meds. So it really does sound as if you need to put pressure on your GP to try some other approaches. You could book a double appointment and take someone with you, and really say how unbearable it is. If you have a pain clinic then they also need to try harder. I do hope you get some better solution soon. Polly

  • Sandy, Have you ever hsad an MRI of your spine, with or without contrast media? Your symptoms sound very much like they could be the result of compressed nerves in the spine. Including Fibromyalgia symptoms.

    I have had those same symptoms and been treated successfully. Good question to ask consultant or GP. Loretxx

  • I am so sorry things are so bad for you Sandy.

    I have longstanding RA and pretty bad restless legs and sleep has been seriously lacking for the past few years. But a couple of weeks ago the GP prescribed Oromorph (liquid morphine) for me to see if it helped the restless legs and, so far it has been brilliant. Not only does it take away the restless legs, but it has helped me to sleep through the night for the last week and a half - something I haven't done for a very long time. Have you talked to your GP about your problems with lack of sleep? I know of lots of people with arthritis who are prescribed Amytriptylene (sp) to help them sleep and many of them seem to find it helpful. As Polly said, it might also be worth asking your GP if you can be referred to a pain clinic to see if they can help you to manage your chronic pain - and hopefully therefore allow you to get some sleep. Do talk to your GP if you can Sandy because you may find he can prescribe something which can at least take the edge off your pain.


  • my feet get cold as cold can be then go red hot somtimes like the bones are going to come through me feet anyone get this or am i dreaming about it in me head

    i hate it when they go cold

    im wondering weather to se a shirropodist to see about shoes as i cant keep wearing me pumps in thei weather i might get trench foot like in the war

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