starting to feel a bit better at last!

You may remember that i was going in for some spinal surgery last month. The surgery went well and i now have a substantial amount of hardware going from the middle of my skull down to the bottom of my neck. They also removed some pressure off my spinal cord caused from a vertebrae. I had an excellent team of Surgeons and the op took 6 and half hours. I can't explain why but once in hospital I didn't get nervous and just seemed to accept that this was necessary and i had no choice about it. Perhaps someone was looking out for me- it was a strange feeling. I was recovering well at home and guess what? One massive flare happened which completely wiped me out. However I have now been placed on a new biologic and am now starting to buck up - it's a great feeling after everything I've gone through. If anyone out there is a bit fragile like me and having similar surgery - by that I mean has long term problems with shoulders/wrists/elbows, the only advice I would like to share is that you tell the medical team and the anesthetist exactly what your limitations are with regard to movement. During surgery they must have placed me in all kinds of positions which I have been unable to stretch to for many years and and afterwards i have experienced a paticularly difficult problem with my shoulder which I am still trying to sort out. If they are aware of it before hand they may be more careful with you. Anyway at this moment I am just relieved it's over and just want to get back to living my life and making the best of it. Thank you all so much for your kind messages prior to me going in, it meant so much. Love Pat xx

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Welcome back Pat, I'm so pleased to hear you sound so positive after all you have been through. Isn't it just typical that a flare would come to try you out when your in recovery from your surgery. I hope your shoulder problem settles soon. I'm sure your going to get a little bit stronger every day

Love and light



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Fabulous glad it went well, mine did too and I was glad in the end I had it do e. I got shingles after mine.. Ouch, weird immune systems :)


So glad it went well. M x


glad it went well , must have been scary , hope you keep on doing well x


hello Pat, interesting, and agree this is very useful info. like everyone else here love and keep improving. Rita


Oh I'm so pleased it went well and you were feeling calm in hospital. I remember how very freaked out you were with it all. I hope the shoulder soon settles and the new biologic suits you x


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