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Does anyone have Rheumatoid lung disease and Nodules?

Hi, I was diagnosed with RA when I was 18. I am now 43 and on TCZ (Tozilamab) , steroids , anti inflams and other meds . I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid lung disease about 4 years ago but recently my lung specialist has said that my chest CT scan was abnormal and I now have about half a dozen nodules (my last CT showed 1 about 2 years ago) What happens if the nodules keep increasing , my lung function is normal and I am a none smoker but concerned about these nodules multiplying. Thanks

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Sadly I am unable to say, all I can suggest is talk to your Specialist, RA Nurse or GP they will know your prognosis..

If you need support you know where we are



Thanks Bob



I did a further check on this, these nodules a are asymptomatic of this type of arthritis, sometimes people seem to have them and not really know they have them.

Also you will most probably have lung infections if you are taking DMARD medications. Sadly I do not know what treatment is available for this condition, although it seems a challenge so I will try and find out more regards this if not for my own education. With joints these nodules are sometimes removed. and with the medications we need to take nodules are not the problem that they used to be

Again I am unable to research for the next few days you could interrogate the broadband yourself

All the best



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