RA and lung nodule

Hi everyone ! I had a letter from consultant to say that there has been no change in the size of the lung nodule in 3 months ! I am pleased but still feel very unsettled in my mind as constantly thinking about it ! Another scan in 6 months so really hope all will be well ! I was going to talk to my RA consultant about it next week ! I hope she will be able to talk me through things as wasnt aware you could get these ! Thanks for listening and hope you are all doing well

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  • Hi- sorry to hear that you've developed a lung module but happy for you that it hasn't changed for the worse. May I ask: did you have a chest xray at the start of your diagnosis/treatment?

  • Hi thankyou so much for taking the time to reply ! Yes i had a chest xray and then 3 months later a CT scan and then another CT scan 3 months after the first ! Like I said no change in 3 months but still so anxious and upset !

  • So...was the nodule found before the treatment (meds) started?

  • No it was found after treatment had started I am taking sulfasalazine which I have to say are really working for me ! And I am feeling well apart from the nodule worry

  • Hi there, glad it hasn't changed in size! Is it a direct result from the RA? Any chance it could shrink - fingers crossed - I'm still learning!


  • Thankyou for your kind reply ! Well it hasn't grown in 3 months so yes fingers crossed ! It's bad enough having RA let alone having to deal with all the other problems it can cause ! Never felt so low ! I am putting on a brave face but will have to deal with it until next scan ! Hope you are doing and keep smiling takecare x

  • I discovered I have a few when I was discharged from hospital. Info was on my discharge notes.I so questioned it.It said follow up CT for 3 mths which I had .no change but when do you have checked again I wonder.If I hadn't noticed on notes or arranged scan I would be none the wiser.I would be interested in your replies as I wonder if they will be a problem or stay as they are

  • Hi thankyou for getting in contact ! I have RA as you are probably aware ! My chest consultant wasn't very informative he was so matter of fact I am guessing he sees alot of RA patients with same problem ! Anyway he wrote to me that's how I know lung nodule hasn't had any change in 3 months ! (i have had a chest x-ray and 2 ct scans) i am scheduled to have a follow up scan in 6 months so praying it stays the same it is such a stressful position to be in ! If u r worried maybe u need to contact your doctor for a peace of mind ! This is a great forum to help you ! Keep in touch and takecare x

  • Yes follow up result with GP was casually passed aside.If I get more breathless I will ask for repeat CT scan in future. I did Google it and said benign ones can grow very slow or not at all. take care

  • Thankyou I will keep u all posted ! U r all so kind and supportive keep well and takecare x

  • I'd hang on to that your Consultant has said there's no change from your CT scan from 3 months ago & must be confident that it'll remain that way to say you'll have a repeat in 6 months time. I know you must be anxious but I see this as a positive & bear in mind that pulmonary nodules can just go spontaneously. Hopefully your RD will be well controlled, that helps as well.

    Do make sure your GP Practice have you down for an annual flu jab & ask about having the Pneuomvax too.

  • Thankyou for those reasuring words your so kind ! Yes RA is well under control ! I have no pain or stiffness for a good 5 months ! I have RA consultant next week and will ask the question as to why I wasn't informed as to RA can cause lung nodules ! Even chest consultant didn't tell me ! i wasn't aware of any of the internal organs can be effected ! Very upset by all this if it's not thing it's another ! Anyway will have to live with the unknown for 6 months as that's what chest consultant told me but didn't tell me no change in 3 months he wrote to me and told me ! However, everyone on here has really been so reassuring about the lung nodules and it seems very common with RA ! Takecare and hope u r doing well x

  • Sorry and yes flu jab and pneuomvax all up to date thanks

  • Excellent! 😊

  • Thinking another way Susan, had you known could you have done anything about it (from someone who had spontaneous pneumothorax twice & has some concern about possible pulmonary involvement)? Don't misunderstand, please, I agree often we hear of the time spent at initial diagnosis being pityfully short as a direct comparison to my own, a full morning of the usual prodding, imaging, blood letting & discussion ending in diagnosis but I wasn't diagnosed in the UK as I was living abroad at the time. Unfortunately Rheumatology isn't one of the more popular for FY2's to choose as their specialty so quite how it improves from here I'm not sure. But let's not get down trying to predict how our care/appointment situation may or may not improve. Talk to your Rheumy next week, see how expansively he answers the questions running round in your head just now (if you're anything like me that is!). Let's hope he takes the time needed & you're content coming away.

    I'm not sure that lung nodules are so common I'm afraid to say, though I can understand why you'd think so. It's like we say there are far more doing well than not, it's just being a forum we congregate, giving the impression there are more. But you're under the care of a Cardiothoracic Consultant who seems confident enough, despite his preference of remote contact (!).

    Keep well. x

  • Just read this reumatologiaclinica.org/en/..., thought it might be an interesting read for you. x

  • Thankyou! But I really do not want to worry myself anymore than necessary ! I haven't stopped ready everything on RA lung nodules ! But thankyou for your time in sending this article but I have already read it a few days ago !

  • mine told me it was cancer by the shape...mine is a 8mm tiny but they want too operate..told them no..im back too respirtary medicine again...sick off cat scans..no change in size but my breathing gone worst my asthma reveiw was 50 percent ...gps are hopeless still on fostair ..but my lung specialists are great...take care keep a eye on things as i do know nhs are very slow at minute...and things can slip by...because im over fifty them are keeping a close eye on mine hope this helpsx

  • Thankyou ! Omg how can they tell u it's cancer by the shape surely they need to do a biopsy I mean i am no doctor but thought that would be the next step ! Yes I know what you mean by all the CT scans I am sick of going up and down to the hospital ! But they have said no change so i hope and pray it stays like that ! Takecare of yourself and let us know how your doing ! I will keep you updated my next scan is in October ! God bless xx

  • thank you sue..yes i was given three macmillian nurses to call if i need help..its true i fell off my seat...shocked...but im a fighter so im carrying on the good fight god willing...xxx but they keep pushing me for operation ....i wait too see if any change in my tumour as a nodule is a tumour....

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