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Morning you lovely lot. Just came out of my 3 monthly appointment to be told my blood tests have come back okay, which is good. Couple of things.. I'm taking methotrexate 7.5mg by mouth and kept getting really bad heart burn and acid. He's now changed the dose to 12.5mg and 3 Folic acids a week for now, but because I'm having these stomach problems he's going to put me on the injection. I have to see the nurse so she can show me how to do it. Anyone else have to inject themselves? I just find it a bit daunting. Plus my toes especially on my right foot are showing signs of RA BIG TIME! Just feel a bit low because I didn't want my feet nor my fingers to show signs! I wish I didn't have this! It's really upsetting, give it to me, but not yet, not at 21!! Sorry guys had to get that off my chest. You're the only guys that understand sorry xx

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  • Unlike you Lou, I am 70 was just diagnosed last March. I saw rheumy last week and I'm on 20 mg of methetrexate, I'm waiting for a call from the nurse to tell me when she can show me how to inject. Like you I'm a bit apprehensive. I'll let you know how I get on and you could maybe let me know how you get on. Good luck xxx

  • Hi Poppy, good luck on your injection too, I know it's worrying but lots of us have done it and found it easier than you think it will be. And then I hope it kicks in quickly for you too!!

  • Hiya, yes please. That'll be great. You take care xx

  • Hi

    That is actually a really good appointment Lou, he's increased your drugs do that whatever signs in your feet shouldn't get any worse.

    He's giving you injections so you don't feel sick and poorly tummy on the treatment, good , I know it's worrying about doing it but actually it get easier. I found it dead easy, honest.

    So hopefully your RA will then be under control with no tummy problems and all you hAve to do is an injection ! Way to go, you are on the right road now, they are taking you seriously now and you get sorted out now!

    I am actually happy for you. All these months you have been waiting and now you are on the " gold star" treatment. I hope you feel better about it as the day goes on, well done xxxxhugs A

  • Aww thank you! I know I'll be alright, just not good with needles! :-) I'll be a pro in no time! Xx

  • I agree with allanah! You are on the right track. I started injections of mtx a few months ago. The needle is very small and you will barely feel it. It probably won't even bleed at the site. Hoping the best for you!

  • Hugs back! Xx

  • Thanks for your comments Allanah. Makes me feel a bit easier about it. Had to have doc in to see me on Friday as I've been poorly and he didn't think I was up to having the injections. We'll see what the rheumy nurse says. It's nice to hear how others get on with the same things. Hugs to you hope you are feeling a bit better at the moment xxxx

  • Yep steroided up! Xx

  • I've just my 2nd MTX injection & it's fine!

  • Hi,

    I felt exactly the same as you about injections, but I've now done four myself and it really is very easy and painless :-)

    I didn't realise how rough the tablets were making me feel until I switched to injections, if you know what I mean.

    I also feel like the injected MXT is more effective than the tabs - I have felt really good for the last few days :-). I'm on 15mg as well as hydroxychloroquine, folic acid and anti inflammatories.

    The best advice I can give, is keep calm, keep positive and give it a try - I hope you will be as amazed at how easy it is as I was.

    Keep smiling :-) xx

  • Thanks PaulineS and Jem95 Thanks for your kind words. I'm just being an old fart really. Needles don't bother me so I'll let you know how I get on xx

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