Just seen consultant

Hi all.... need a rant! 

Just  back from  seeing  consultant. I laid it on the line with my poor painful  feet ( incidentally found some very  comfy Skecher shoes after becoming disillusioned  with podiatry and their attempt  at  shoes ) he checked my joints  out and announced  that  things  are still active. I have had a steroid  injection  today  and the mtx increased  to 25mg ... to start injections instead  of pills. He said that  if things dont improve  over time  i might have to see a surgeon for my poor old feet  but they wont do anything  whilst  the R A is active. I now  gave to do the waiting  game again to see if it is effective.

My main concern is work and my lifestyle. I am very active and work part time... three days  a week..8 hours  on my feet a day doing a job i love. Up until  now i was full  of resolve that  this R A wouldnt get in the way  of my life but it seems that  i may have to curtail things a bit ..... which really  really cheeses me off! 

Rant over. 

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  • Hugs darling i understand how you feel sweety.xxxx

  • Try to think of it as an opportunity to take stock of your life and what you can do with it that doesn't involve a lot of time on your feet. Is there any way your job can be adapted so that you can sit down and do it? Is there part of the job that can be done in a more office based way? Etc.

  • Thanks for your support. Today I had a chat with my manager at work. She was quite sympathetic and I don't think she realised how bad things have been. I havent mentioned my aches and pains much preferring to keep things to myself which maybe hasnt been a good idea. .... I dont like to make a fuss and maybe a burden. The steroid injection is beginning to work so we have agreed to review my hours per day in a month or so. I also gave her the NRAS leaflet for employees on RA which she appreciated.

    Funnily enough chatting to family was helpful but actually writing it down for you all to see has been more help.

    Thank you

  • Isn't it crazy that Biologics aren't available until all else has failed and one is really poorly. Would be so much more sensible, and better for the economy, to make them available sooner and to keep people working effectively, not to mention the emotional distress suffered whilst waiting to feel better.

  • Too true!

  • I totally agree what happened to the concept of preventative care.

    I think if it costs a lot preventative goes out of the window. But in the long run is it cost effective.?

  • Hi Wilroda

    Can't fault your rant! I too am in a lot of pain in my feet & get frustrated when it limits what I can do. I'm seeing consultant next Thursday so, hoping, well just hoping!? X

  • Hi jane2976

    I do hope you get some help with your feet on Thursday. Let me know how you get on. 

    Since the steroid injection mine are alot better... I only wish that this was a permanent solution but at least I have some respite from the pain for a few weeks. X

  • Hi don't post much but I have been going through this for 2 years and my consultant wouldn't listen, had insoles , changed my foot ware still no joy. It's like walking on sponges with a handful of stones thrown in pain is awful eventually I went to my gp who sent me for ultrasound and they found I now have mortons neuroma which is swelling of the nerves near the toes finally been referred to see surgeon next week I hate this god dam awful disease had op number 8 last month on my elbow now it's looking like more to come. So fully sympathise with you

  • Thanks andy 9131

    I too went to my gp a few years  ago with foot pain. This was before things really kicked off. I had x rays and ultrasound too. They were convinced it was moretons neuroma but there was no evidence on ultrasound so i was just advised to take naproxen for the pain.

    I do hope you get some resolve with your poor feet. I like your analogy to a sponge with stones in it! Spot on! X

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