Can't win!!

Well I'm 11 days post total knee replacement, on Monday I saw the GP as my RA was flaring & I felt rough! The Dr gave me some steroids which seems to have helped.

Then yesterday I woke up with my ankle & foot swollen, so I "iced" it, put on a toe to groin tubigrip, elevated it, yet carried on exercising it.

However today the ankle & foot was still swollen so contacted the GP for another appointment! Saw him & he referred me to the hospital.

So I've spent most of the afternoon down there & been diagnosed with a DVT! They were very impressed with the hospital where I had the surgery as they routinely give a heparin injection before major surgery. I've already had one 12 years a go as well as a subarrachnoid haemorrhage!

They are going to raise an incident form to try to get the hospital to improve their services!!!

I was just given aspirin to take for a month, no TED stockings, I had some blowly up things on after surgery except the forgot to turn them on for 6 hours!

So it will be interesting to see what they say at my check up appointment on Tuesday!

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Oh Pauline, I saw you post this on FB, poor you you're having a right tough time. I hope they get you sorted and now it will be bed rest until they've got this have, good call on your GP and at least your in the right place. Having suffered a post op pulmonary embolism you don't want it progressing to that and the meds will stop this happening.

Yes be interesting to see what the review comes up with, but wish you get well soon Pauline. Rx


So sorry to hear this, can't believe they operated without giving you heparin! Do hope all goes well now, keep in touch, thinking of you. Luv M x


Oh no after all that you get a clot , fed up on your behalf, and angry for you. Hope you get sorted soon xx


At least I;m on treatment now!


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