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Can't Walk!

Morning all (notice I missed out the word Good)

Does anyone else have a problem with just 'not being able to walk at all' when they have a flare up?

I've got out of bed this morning and both my legs are so painful that I can't put one foot in front of the other.

Had to cancel my appointment for bloods this morning as I can't drive myself to the Docs. How ironic!

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Going through it at the moment, the jab is just taking the

edge off it today.

It usually hits either my ankles and knees but this time it is

attacking both plus my arms and shoulders.

It will pass, all my best wishes for it to be soon.



I haven't had this experience for some time - I do occasionally get one knee or an ankle become to painful to walk on and it did all start in my knees but you have my sympathy - as Ann says it will pass - hopefully very soon. Tilda x


Yeah I get this, has been a wee while, it's my wrists and shoulders at the moment. Take care hope it passes soon. Xx


Sending cyber hugs your way, as others have said it will pass. xx


Hi I get this when my legs get so painful they just give up and down,t want to move I usually increase my painkillers. And rest for about half an hour then they usually. Start to work again my dr has said this is to be expected. And just increase. Meds as and when hope you up and about again soon gentle hugs xxx


Hi Mandy

Unfortunately this has been one of my major problems for me with my RA and I find it difficult to walk. It feels like there are marbles under my toes, a tennis ball under my heel and a razor blade into my backs of my legs and cheese grater in my knees!!!! And unfortunately mine has been for a while now.

I spoke to the Rheumies who sent me to OT who sorted me out some hand shaped crutches which make it a bit easier,then i went to physiotherapy and they did no exercise but they did acupuncture which for me has been amazingly helpful to the pain in my knees. Then they increased my pain meds to morphine again this has helped. The physio also showed me stretching exercises that help me to get out of bed in the morning as my husband generally has to help.

My main problem though is that they find it hard to get my inflammation down thus the pain, but I have just started another biological Humira and fingers crossed this might do the trick.

I also had to sort out internet shopping and got a blue badge and applied for dla which I am grateful for, as it pays for help from a cleaner as its so hard when walking is difficult to keep up. As Sheenerweener says you have to have a balance of rest and movement otherwise you really stiffen up, so maybe ring the Rheumies and tell them of your problems and they might , as they did for me, give u a steroid to help the pain and then refer you to ot and physio. Hugs and hope it passes quickly for you Axx


I have been known to revert to crawling and bump shuffling to visit the bathroom, if I have been unable to use my crutches. Hope this phrase of your illness does not last too long. xxx


Hi Mands,

Sorry to hear you are not having a good time of it. Your story sounds very like mine which went on for two years with different anti TNFs and other drugs to no avail. My walking problems occurred every week to ten days and lasted four 3-5 days when I had to be physically moved around my office on a wheeled office chair. I kept talking to rheumy and last week had my first knee replacement as they had decided that I was at the end of the line as far as treatment was concerned. Dont give up on the drugs and your specialist there is so much that can help and its finding the right one for you, ironically two weeks before my operation I was given a steroid injection in my bum and this kept the flares away. Hope something works for you too and if you are having a bad time ring your rheumy help line at least this way they will know you are having problems and try to get some more support for you. Best of luck Donna and ps the knee replacement one week on is the best thing that has happened to me.


Thanks for all your comments. Able to put my feet on the ground today which is a big improvement from yesterday.

My GP actually phoned me yesterday to see how I was feeling. Very caring she is :-)

Feeling not too bad today but determined not to overdo things. Need to get myself well for my week in Spain next Saturday. Fingers crossed I'll be okay.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mandy x


Hi Mandy, I haven't been here much this past 2 months, but do read everyones' blogs as much as I can. So many new names here lately, been wondering if England is having an epidemic of RA! ( I'm across the pond )

I do have that exact same thing happen with my legs, WHEN I forget to take a scheduled pain combo dose,..which is Neurontin, Tramadol and Vicodin, every 4-6 hours. I have been busy outdoors alot, trying to take care of my plants and keep them alive through all this drought and hellish temps! So, if I get more than 2 hours off schedule, it hits me, I absolutely cannot put one foot in front of the other, I can't stand up straight, have to lean on chairs and counters to get to the pill box and water. Then it is going to take another hour and a half before I can move again, so I get to the bed or recliner. My situation is from PsA and RA of the spine, have had 8 spine surgeries, with fusions with titanium rods, plates, screws. Maybe even twist-ties :)

So, it isn't worth it to miss a dose and I need to hang a timer around my neck or on my walker to remind before it's too late. All the best to you, Loret xx


I was wondering how you were, and hoping that was because you were occupied with other activities and not that you were ill or anything. Hope all's well and happy that hot weather now behind us for another year. Pollyx


Hi Loret, I think I'm bad until I start reading what some other people are going through. You must be having a horrendous time.

I can walk so much better today, so going to attempt some light housework and maybe actually get dressed too.

It's good to speak to someone 'across the pond' and I'm actually in Scotland and not England (can be quite a touchy subject for some people to have the two confused - not me off course ;-)

Hope you have a good, relatively pain free day.

Love from a cloudy Scotland.



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