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Can't take no more!

I have been suffering from a really bad stinging/electic shock sensation around the top of my abdomen on the left side (it feels like i have been stung by a jelly-fish). the docotr thought it was shingles at first but no rash. but the pain was getting worse and the next thing was pain in my mid spine. an x-ray revealed just some deterioration of the spine but nothing obvious. the doctor says I have an impngement from my Thoracic 7th vertabrae. the Pain is just horrific. last night it was so bad i wanted to throw myself out of the window. I had taken my gabapentin also 15 mg of oxycontin and 5 mg diazepam and still the pain was excrutiating. i was screaming and crying then had a nose bleed. I took another oxycontin. after three hours of this I was exhausted i could no longer stand up. My husband applied some ketoprofen gel to my spine and made me a hot water bottle and after spraying some sleep mist about (its lavender and stuff from avon) he tucked me up with supporting pillows and sat until i fell asleep., which i eventually did. I am terrified tonight is going to be the same. but if i went up to A&E they would'nt do anything and it would take them about 2 hours to provide further pain relief. Trying to get a gp appointment is difficult as you have to phone at 8.30 but if youve been awake in the early hours its hard to wake up at this time!!! Anyway i've not been too bad today,but ive kept on top with the painkillers, but i an dreading going to bed!!!

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It sounds awful poor you? Wouldn't you qualify for an emergency appointment if you explained the problem? My GP is the same you have to phone dead on 8.30am which as you say is hard when you've finally got to sleep at about 5am. Is the problem caused by RA or something else? You can't be expected to be in that much pain what did the doctor say should be done about it? Tilda x


Hello, first I am sorry about your condition, I wonder if you have tried any alternative therapie's, Like EFT, or Hypnotherapy, I have seen and achieved some amazing stuff using these tools, dont didmiss it. hope you get sorted soon.


Get you doctor to refer you to a pain specialist. You could try a tens machine that delivers impulses to the nerve ending that stimulate the nerve cells.

I have used one for back pain with good effect. Sounds like nerve pain which is very very painful.

You need a good assessment with your GP hope you get d decent sleep tonight.



This could be fibromyalgia,and by the sounds of the drugs that your on it is. Ring your dr and ask for a visit from him as your too ill to get to the surgery. Sylvi.xx


Poor you surely they can't leave you in that much pain you really need to ring today or get hubby to and take him to docs with you maybe 2 people telling how it is to doc will be better so hope they sort it quickly for you gentle cyber hugs xx


i would ring the doctor to come out to you like syl says or go to a and e and tell them your not leaving till someone sees to you.

and if that fails rest and then get up for a walk round for half an hour

then rest it again

i feel for you back problems are the worst blight anyone could have

hope you feel better in a couple of days


I'm so sorry you were in such pain. I know exactly what you were going through. I went through a similar pain incident last week. I ended up soak in Epsom salt bath at 2:20 a.m. and got some relief. Only people who have experienced this kind of pain know what you're talking about. The kind of pain when you want to end it all. My pain was in my leg. I've been on Ciimzia which has done absolutely nothing for the pain. I did go back on Prednisone 20 mg a day. I did a lot of research on the internet and traditional medicine books that I have and began taking apple vinegar pills, eating tart dried cherries, and honey and cinnammon. I honestly don't know if I'm in remission but I have been pain free and full of energy for the last three days. The Prednisone has always just taken the edge off the pain so I believe that the supplements are truly helping. We have to believe in something.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are all so lovely replying like you have and you are all saying exactly what is right.. the doctor has said it is an impingement from my T7 vertabrae. , causing a neuralgia type pain around to the front. I am sure if i said it was an emergency they would give me an appointment - but as you all know when the pain has eased and you just want to sleep I feel i have no right to say its an emergency.(i know its daft).I saw my Rheumy specialist nurse today because i was due to start on sulphazaline as my markers are still raised, but she does not want me to start them yet, because i am in so much pain. she asked if i have been to the pain clinic and i said No - she wrote in my notes but nothing was offerd and she said she will see me in a month and hopes i feel better. On the Island we have a Manx Emergency Doctor Service (MEDS), and its run with different doctors so you wont get one you know or who knows you and it so difficult to explain everything - they just say see you own doctor tomorrow!!!!

I have a lovely lady who helps me with hypnotherapy and she has given me a pain and stress CD, but i cannot concentrate (or keep the headphones in!) as i can't keep still. but it helps at other times. I think it is worst in the middle of the night somehow.. I don't know what EFT is. I can't take prednisolone becasue of the diabetes. - im just a mess.

You are such lovely people thank you for helping me and your sentiments mean the world to mr. i wish you all the very best and i will keep you updated as to what happens . So awaiting the next installment

love and stuff always bodicea xxxxxxx


hya i had the same thing last year and the back pain was excrutiating i ended up being taken by ambulance to hospital and after an mri scan it was found i had a ruptured disc that had just burst and another that was about to burst and 2 deseased vertabrae was kept in for 2 weeks less a day and was on complete bed rest and a cocktail of diazapan oramorph tramadol and injections am right now suffering with my back again but am taking it very easy as i was told when the other disc bursts i will have to have surgery ps am also on pregablin 600 mls a day i hope you feel better soon babe but please go a/e as i know the pain is so bad gentle hugs for you babe ps i have ra and fybromyalgia and take leflunomide and injections at least 3 times a year x


Hi Bodicea, I had a similar type of pain with sciatica. I had a problem even breathing through it, let alone walking. GP gave me some codeine type pain meds. This didn't help. Saw rheumy nurse and initially got no help there, just x-rays. Then rang the rheumy nurse again and she suggested Tramadol which did help a bit. Eventually after almost a year I was given a steroid injection and what a difference!

I had to ask for the steroid injection before it was given to me but I dont know why they didn't give it to me before.

I am now having steroid injections every 6 weeks until they get me sorted on one of the 'big boy' drugs. My problem started after I was put on Humira so came off of that then went on to rituximab which doesnt seem to have done anything so awaiting the third one.

I do hope you get something sorted soon.

Judi xxxxxxxxx


Thank you Judi, i am glad that this the injections have helped. unfortunately i cannot have steriod injection because of my diabetes, it just put my blood sugars up so high i end up in hospital. I have tramadol and to be honest when my pain has been really bad i have taken 4 tabs at once and i got told off by my doctor but it was the only thing that took my pain away or reduced it at least. My rheumy nurse is lovely but ineffectice. the help line has just been shut down so theres not even anyone out there you could call. but i have a good hubby and daughters - i just worry about losing my part time job. with this going on a but. but i am sure when i see the docotor next week we matbe able to get something sorted. i will keep you updated. you take care of yourself. lots of love and stuff xxx Bodi


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