As anybody on here had shoes from from the NHS? the nurse is sending me to the department that does them ,I dread it I love my fashion I dread them I'm more ZARA shop kind of girl I went in clarks shoe shop and marched back out but I'm crippled it's effecting my knees hips and back in fact I'm destroyed all over, my lovely nurse Paul says give it 6 more weeks before I go on the ivi mabs, no clue as to why 6 more weeks it's been almost 15 weeks on benepali which is useless, so what are the NHS shoes like? I any photos so these shoes πŸ‘ . Would be really appreciated, expect I will be flinging them at Paul the nurse when I see him next.

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  • Hi Vonnie. I've got no experience of NHS shoes but I do know that my local hospital has a podiatrist who makes custom insoles for people to use in their own shoes. Maybe the same where you are?


  • Yes I think so Paul I'm dreading it to be honest it's my ankles and feet and my ankle gives way, he suggest a full fitting shoe I've got sketchers for work they don't really help I'm falling to bits.

  • I have some trainer shoe type orthotic shoes and also orthotics custom made. Use them if I want to walk a distance anywhere. Suggest under long wide trousers no one will really see them and I'm at the stage where I don't really care if they do as my arches have dropped and arthritis in my feet is hurting a lot. You can always wear something prettier for going somewhere special where there is only a short distance to walk. πŸ˜€

  • I'm the same now I just need a decent shoes that's comfortable.

  • I just got some smart Clarks with a bar across and a small heel. Black leather and a removable "semi orthotic" inside. D, E or EE width. I usually get a pair of Clarks' "Unstructured" shoes each year. Very comfy. Also Fly of London are wide fit. I've some lovely black patent boots with a funky rubbery wedge sole. Really easy to wear and fashionable.

  • I have been to a podiatrist who fitted pads in my shoes! It helped a lot! The best thing I have found are teva sandals! Unfortunately, they have discontinued the original sandal! I even found the website and told them how awesome that product was! I explained why this product was so important for me! I did not get a response! Sad! I could have been their best salesperson for the original Teva sandal! I have bought the newer model, but no other foot ware has ever been as comfortable! I wish that companies like this one would listen to the needs of their customers! Listen up Teva!

  • Hotter do some nice shoes that will look fashionable,whether they are on par with Zara is another question.xxxx

  • Thanks I will have a look hotter , doubt they will be like what I'm used to, my boots I bought in Zara on Tuesday are no good I was clinging on to the hope I would be fine wearing them I've got no chance.

  • have a look at pavers too - they do ankle boots with velcro fastening, easier to get on and off and you can get NHS orthotics to fit inside. lots of you 'youngsters' seem to be in ankle boots at this time of year, with skirts, trousers etc. If you have feet probs a 4-6cm will help - certainly no flats though. I also wear thai kickboxer anklets to support weak ankles - v cheap abt Β£2 a pair on internet. [and they don't show under trsrs or long skirts. xx

  • I have always had problems with my feet I had a pair made many years ago and it looked like I was wearing the box, also a lover of fashion I hated them. The styles available are awful. They hurt me as well, I took them back to be altered and shamefully didn't pick them up again. After triple foot fusions and struggling with normal footwear, I had a pair of trainers made, by the RNOH in Stanmore unfortunately I had to keep having them adjusted and still they rubbed, I can only wear men's trainers and have given up on the custom made ones. They cost a lot of money and I wouldn't want to waste their money again. I have a friend who has trainers made by her hospital and they fit her fine. Good luck. X

  • Thanks I will give them a try even if just for work

  • Hello Vonnie,

    A friend of mine recommends fitflop. Here's the link

    I'm waiting for the sales to get a pair of boots.

    N x

  • I was thinking it's my birthday next month so I could gets some ugg boots just looked at them on that link same price as ugg think I will wait until there sale as well they look ok .

  • Vonnie, if you have small feet, look at the kids side of UGGS. My husband blesses the fact that I have "pygmy"feet (this what my sister-in-law calls them). It saves him around $50 every Christmas. are Always my go to when people ask me what I would like as a gift....


    P.S.--this works Except for the heavily embroidered ones. Order 1 size bigger in those; they are really tight in calf area, as in not over skinny jeans even...tights/leggings only!

  • Dani I'm a 7 so I have no chance in the kids but I feel like I'm a 8 now because there fatter my daughter said no one wears uggs now I said well I do as I need comfort now, great with skinny sand leg ins comfort is the key now thanks dani. πŸ‘ 

  • Hi Vonnie! My youngest says calls my uggs "mama's ugly moon boots"! He's very fashionable and fashion knowlegeable. Neither my daughter or myself get ready for a big event without consulting him or if necessary, shopping with him but I am Keeping my "ugly moon boots"!


  • I know my daughter obsessed with fashion as well spends hundreds on a pair of shoes πŸ‘  you know the type but I need comfort now dread Xmas work night out it will be extra wide flared trousers

  • Hi Vonnie, I'll probably do ballet flats for Christmas dress up activities. ..most of family stuff is casual, except for the littles. The only dress up I might have is if we decide that oldest grandgirl is ready to go to midnight mass...or that I'm not too tired.


  • I mean works night out and so on party time I will just have to suffer in the name of fashion shoe boot stiletto will probably be the way forward or a nice pump shoe I. A comfy I sh type hopefully . πŸ‘ 

  • Vonnie, I have uggs with a 5 inch heel for nights out at this time of year. I also have my "sexy" boots (not for too much walking in!) over the knee with a 6 inch heel-pretty comfy. The not walking in is because I'm a klutz!


  • Hi Vonnie10, Ugg boots have no support at all and can end up doing more harm than good. I’m a Podiatrist and still struggle to find suitable footwear even with all my insider info!

    Clark’s cloudsteppers are good, if you can find some shoes with removable insoles you can replace them with extra soft poron memory foam.

  • Thanks fran

  • I too have Flitflops. Comfy wedges and I've some fab shower shoes which are beach wedge mules with a punched out hole pattern on the top band and are 100 percent waterproof! I have been paddling in the sea in Cornwall just recently and I used them in the shower and they wash perfectly. Flitflops are ace. Their boots too.

  • They are a bit like Clarkson but worse from my experience of other people with them.

    I wear clarks with pride!

  • Matilda oil devasted I can't we're my own shoes I have loads of shoes πŸ‘ 

  • The amount of Clarks shoes at home here!! I should get a discount! πŸ˜‚

  • I know where you're coming from, Vonnie. I have 'sitting down' shoes and Hotter (with insoles) or Birkenstocks for walking. I have no experience of orthopedic shoes but wish you well and pray that your aim isn't too good. Hugs


  • I've had two lots of NHS shoes - the first we're sort of off the peg and the second we're proper made to measure. The first pair looked like black trainers but were really uncomfortable, the second pair looked awful. This is because since my RA diagnosis I've had my left foot operated, and that foot is considerably wider and one size longer than my right foot, and so the left shoe is wider and longer! I now wear leather clogs in the winter from Mosholu or Pavers, and Hotter sandals.

  • The nurse said I need made to measure dread it .

  • Mine looked like shoes from two different pairs, but we are talking ten years ago so things could have improved.

  • They can do it with a computer .. You put your foot on what looks like a little photocopier which they place on the floor for you and it gives them all the info. They also take a tape measure reading too. Fast and painless. Not like the experience I had three years ago! πŸ˜–

  • Hi, I also loved my shoes, I had a fair few pairs of gorgeous ones! Sadly, I got to the stage I was paying an absolute fortune for shoes but couldn't walk in any of them. I am now on to my second lot of shoes made by the orthotist. Although nothing like the shoes I love they allow me to be comfortable. I wear them every day and am very grateful for them. I even wore them to my son's wedding last year! I was wearing a maxi dress I have to admit. I think you have to weigh up just how painful all your joints are (mine were absolutely excruciating) and being comfortable. I am afraid I went for comfort. They do give you a choice, but be prepared they are not exactly fashionable. The ones I have now are not unlike a trainer with Velcro as I can't manage laces. I hope this helps. Good luck

  • I bought some boots from Zara on Tuesday thinking I will be fine wore them Wednesday crippled me , oh boy was I wrong thinking I would be ok, gutted.

  • I feel for you Vonnie10. I cried the day I sorted my shoe box and sent all my heels to the charity shop all except one pair of pillar box shinny red stilettos. Just cant part from them yet. I have found in the summer it is much easier. I discovered Earth Spirit on QVC low and with a padded foot bed but pretty and feminine sandals apart from that its skechers extra wide and memory foam for me.


  • Yes, I did too. A horrible day.

  • It's horrible I bought some nice ankle boots on Tuesday gone massive mistake wore them Wednesday , I was destroyed nasty nasty disease.

  • Yes .. Most of my gorgeous shoes have gone to my skinny footed friend! Since RA I have one skinny food and one fatter one so ....

  • I hate looking at my feet now they've gone wider looking.

  • I had some nhs shoes made for my poor feet and to be honest they are a complete waste of money and time. It took the podiatry dept 6 months to get them to fit by which time i was so fed up with it all that i brought them home in the box and there they have stayed.

    At the time i was so hoping for some reflief for my feet and i was excited at the prospect of getting them but as time went by i began to realise that the shoes would never work .... their system for measuring etc is so antiquated and they just didnt listen to my concerns.

    I then found Skechers go walk shoes and have been wearing them ever since!

  • I've got sketchers training shoes for work which ar brill it's the everyday nice shoe / boot I'm struggling finding some .

  • Hi, don't have any pics of shoes but I've had them & didn't wear them. Went back for routine appt & the podiatrist that measured my feet said I see your shoes are helping. It was summer & you could see suntan on my feet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I do wear Hotter shoes in winter with thick black tights & skirts & there're not too bad.Didn't find a great difference in pain in my feet with nhs πŸ‘  as they were still sore & on fire at end of day. Good luck.

    Adeline x

  • It's hard work finding a decent shoe πŸ‘ 

  • Such a dilemma isnt it . Pretty much why i wear trousers all the time - even in the evenings !

    I think the hardest is to get footwear that looks good with a dress/ skirt .

    I have bought & thrown away SO many shoes .

    So my tips .

    1) shoe uppers need to be soft & square toed .

    2) even then , I will use shoe stretchers ( bought in Amazon , and will break in at home , wearing every day until I feel they are comfortable.

    3) Practical shoes for day wear is ok with jeans - yes I do buy mens trainers as they have a wider fitting .

    4) For evening i have discovered Calla shoes - soft uppers & suitable for bunions . For 1st purchase buy 2 sizes to get correct fit .

    Summer evening shoes - espadrilles are great and the upper fabric can be softer & stretched .

    Also wedges are better if you want a bit if a heel as it spreads the weight. Forget kitten heels .

    5) Hot holidays - toe post sandals for the evening are great . No width oroblems .

    In evening ' people will not see your feet are not picture perfect and no pinching

    6) in winter boots are also a good option , partic if they have a furry lining .

    Ra feet are a challenge & pretty shoes are the holy grail - soft uppers are the key and not too high a heel .

    This is from the lady who has been known to wear the same evening shoes 6 years running !

    Good luck - may the force be with you 😊

  • My feet are much wider I hate them I've got sketchers trainees for work I couldn't even get the slip on sketchers on, was not best pleased, I have 2 pair of soft espadrilles what I bought 2 year ago river island I completely forgotten I had them, you just reminded me😊I'm thinking ugg boots for the winter, god only knows with fancy shoes πŸ‘ 

  • Wedges are the way to go for fancy shoes!

  • Definitely have a look at the Calla shoes website .

    Made for people with bunions , soft uppers - I ordered two pairs to get right size ( ended up with a 41 ! Normally the biggest I have is a 40 😁) but I think that is their sizing .

    They also have kitten heels ( as well as v high which I could NEVER walk in )

    It's a new co and I am waiting to see what there new autumn stock will be . Not shoes for every day but If you need something dressier .

    For me , I do need a soft upper as leather is too painful 😁

    Happy feet happy girl πŸ˜€

    Just another point - I changed my dress style for daywear to accommodate my need for flatties and one does need to walk . So skinny dark blue jeans , nikes etc - you can still look v smart with a silk blouse .

    Works for me but obv not so much if you attend a wedding! πŸ™ˆ

  • PS quite ill with RA this year and upside lost a stone & a half ! Hence the skinnies πŸ˜€

  • Hi Vonnie! Hey Lovey, do you like πŸ‘’? I have sore feet and knees from both osteo & RA & the best part of autumn for me is I get to wear all of my boots! I have UGGS, hikers, engineers boots-which I wear with dresses & the ones that both my daughter and youngest son covet---wait for it---lace up past my knees boots(really great for my ankles!). None have higher than 1.5 inch heel. I have my heeled pretty sexy boots for going out--these are for 🚢 from the car to the restaurant/ movie. I would suggest UGGS at least for around the house--your feet will love you! And be warm & cozy! If at all possible, if you get knockoffs, do not get the kind with fake sheep skin! These are not as nice to the sore feet!

    Gentle hugs and warm wishes!


  • Hi there, I do feel for you. Apart from joint pain the worst for me was giving up "heels". I had a lace up black leather shoe from NHS years ago, never fitted properly (heel slipped up and down in them) they ended up at the charity shop! I have narrow feet. I wear Clarks brogues to work, casual trainers with ortho inserts weekends. I haven't got rid of the lovely heels as I live in hope

    of being pain free (one day). I have RA, OI and just been diagnosed with osteonecrosis in my knee. Good luck and persevere with getting a good fit with the NHS shoe 😊

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