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Nice shoes anyone?

I hope I don't offend posting what may seem as a trivial question but I'm really stuck!

I'm due to go back to work in 4 weeks, sounds silly but all my previous work wear (suits ect) just doesn't go with my eccos and allrounders!

So can anyone advise me of smart/nice shoes to wear or will I have to change my whole wardrobe?

I'm lucky in the fact that my feet only get 'achy' and sometimes hobble but I worry that by wearing the wrong shoes I could potentially make them worse.

I realise heels are out of the question but do any of you wear a wedge type heel? that would save me taking all my trousers up!

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havent got wedges.. but they might be ok?? there is a good catalogue that do a good range..clarks do a wedge shoe with a bar across too with wedge.. my podiatrist didnt say wedges were suitable for me but every one is different!


had a quick squint..have some wedge court shoes!! black. patent or leopard print in sale for £35.oo.. have a browse on line.. or they can send a catalogue.. I bought some padders.. the first pair werent suitable but they offer free courier or post office returns!! took mine to post office its so simple!!


Ah, I think I have asked this question before in the long pursuit of the comfy shoe. From my experience - Reiker - Hotter - and fitt Flops, have come thru for me with fallen arches, and damaged tendon. My godsends for work are black skechers lites, I usually wear them to work & home (incl orthotics), and keep a pair of better looking sandles under desk. I'm quite tall so luckily can wear flatish shoes. Wide troursers on a bad day can cover multitude! Skechers are the best trainers for me, I could'nt live without the black for work.

ps. personally Clarkes or Ecco not great and have wasted money there! Padder slippers, totally fab, and totally grandma, down to velcro fasteners! Try Reiker, google, I can wear the sandles with no orthotics for a while ie. Not long walks so must be great support. My orthjo surgeon said wedges only high heel ever for me in future. Oh and also Dune shoes black patent peep toes and sand col strappy elastic wedges with tiny silver studs on straps actually quite comfy! Hope that helps. Set aside a day and go try lots and lots on you will know when you wear which ones suit you. Small shoe shops with good variety of makes, better than big stores like Debenhams etc.

Good luck. Gina. :-)


thank-you very much Alison and Gina!

I have ordered the black patent wedge you found for me Alison :) oh I so hope they'll be comfy, they look lovely!


Gina, a couple of pairs from hotter ordered, last time I looked at that site they didn't have so much, some great reviews, I did find the Dune shoes, got a bit excited but then they were sold out! I bought a lovely pair of reiker dress sandals a few weeks ago and yes, they are great but not for walking any distance.

How was your holiday?

I'll give them a try and hope at least one pair suit, I just hope my husband doesn't notice the bank statement this month!! :)

Any further suggestions would be most welcome anyone?


cork base wedges are very comfy.


gosh wiliby your bank account will be empty with all the shopping..! the wedges I suggested are quite high?.. but they are wide fitting.. my feet and ankles are a bit variable so not sure about risking them. myself.?probably . im being boring? they look nice. if they arent suitable the return process is simple!. hoepfully the same applies to the. hotter too.

I Saw some peep toe hotter a that I like but they are fairly expensive.. the padders I bought are for work, , with trousers they are black(some pewter/ grey detail that looks like the nike logo).. they look like shoe/ come trainers.. we have a shoe policy at work.. no trainers!! not professional.. my occupational health nurse.. had when feet v bad got me an exemption before. Now the hosp has no money and is frightened staff may sue for foot injury.. eg drop box of iv fluids or some heavy item on foot!!. so rigid. filled too black shoes for every one..!


Hi Alison, I'm just hoping one will suit but order a few to see if any will fit!

I went in to work for half a day last month and I kept getting side glances at my trainers :)

How are you keeping at the mo? I start my Enbrel tomorrow!!!! was meant to get it last Monday but had a bug...


I too work in an office were smart dress is required I've had to get all trousers taken up due to heels or wedges being a no no. I've bought hotters they look like school shoes come trainers all black full shoe lace up leather they were 69 which I would never normaly pay for shoes but along with my orthotics they are so comfy like wearing trainers but look smart.


I wasn't actually looking for shoes - but when I was down in Edinburgh last week my hubby was treating himself to a new jacket and I wandered into a shoe shop, Shoeroperdist or something like that, and was browsing. Spotted some truly gorgeous leather shoes - flat healed but elegant with a velcro wrap over fastener. I picked one up and it was amazingly light to the touch with pads inside described as "shock absorbers". They are a make called Josef Seibel "the European Comfort Shoe". They were £60 but are now my favourite shoes in wardrobe and worth every penny. I am having to try not to wear them everyday but it's hard! And as my feet and ankles are now both sore and swelling they are perfect! You could look up this make online - I haven't yet but plan to - hope this helps. Tilda


wow, just had a look at the website and they have a SALE!!!!!

also found some local stockists so will give them a try, at least I'll get to try them on :)

Good luck again tomorrow (it is tomorrow isn't it?) hope you get all the support you need :)


mmm will have a look too!!


I wear wedges but only for short periods. Have you looked at Hotters or Flyflot ? Hotters have some very nice sandally type shoes and Flyflot very comfortable sandals and clogs. I have the same problem in that my son is getting married next year and shoes are going to be my biggest nightmare. Good luck


Thanks all, will try all suggested and surely something will suit, good idea Gina, i'll keep my allrounders under my desk.

Never thought of cork wedges but does make sense cheers all :)


Oh good I'm glad my suggestion is looking positive and that you find a pair that meet your requirements Wiliby. I think mine must be left over stock from last year because I couldn't spot them on any of the websites but I maintain they are the nicest looking and feeling shoes I've ever owned - and I'm a bit of a shoe fetishist! They have little raised pads where sole pressure points are and as I say are just incredibly light and quite trendy looking too a sort of olive green brown - I've had lots of nice comments about them already!

Thanks re tomorrow - I've just arranged for my friend to drive me through in case feet and hands still this jippy - I'm terribly nervous so think I'll try and get an early night, teens and pains permitting ho ho!



Ooh thanks for all the suggestions in answer to Wiliby - have a 50th party to go to soon & need some comfy sandals to go with a dress - never usually wear dresses due to awful feet. Look forward to a good browsing seesion & to finding something for once.



Hi all, have a look at the Hotter website - they have some lovely sandals. I have just bought two pairs and they are so comfortable - hardly know I have them on. I keep a couple of pairs of low heeled (2" or less) shoes in black for work - I do occasionally where my "stilts" but only in the evening and providing I am not doing a lot of standing. Incidentally I have found the Circulation Booster treatment absolutely brilliant for swollen feet, ankles and legs. When I first bought one used it every day for 3 weeks - swollen feet etc all gone. Now only need to use it occasionally . Worth the investment and you don't pay the VAT if you have a recognised illness like RA. Also bought a pair of LK Bennett slingbacks in their sale recently - really comfortable and low heeled and very smart. I also have Kurt Geiger shoes with 3" heels which I bought many years ago and are the most comfortable shoes I have, Also find Van Dal very good as well if feet are a bit swollen. They do very good loafers as well as low heels in any fitting from D upwards (I am usually a C fitting but sometimes need that extra bit of width). Also have found going up a half size seems to work. LavendarLady


I have quite a few pairs of Sketchers even trainers for work -Midwife. My feet have been so much better. They also do quite smart shoes or have you tried Pavers. They have a channel on Sky Channel 659 and have some nice trendy comfy shoes. Worth a look


we were told at the -- shire NHS we cant wear. trainers.. bah humbug.. im sure the occ health nurse could write me a letter!!. I have now increased distance/ time.. without stick.. which is just as well as my boss says no stick at work and wont let me go to the wards.. long walk from pharmacy dispensary!! because she says it looks bad??!!.. have some clarks shoes/ padders shoes for work


I have the same problem with footwear, made worse by the fact that my already big size 8 feet swell to a size 9.

Hotter shoes are brilliant. I have 4 pairs of them but they are expensive so I wear them to death.

I have a 5 year old I took to John Lewis to get his feet measured and after I had bought his shoes I noticed they had a sale on. I looked through the children's sale rail and was surprised to see a pair of school shoes in my size and they had been reduced to £5!

They are a bit ugly mind but they are smart and black and fit like a glove. And even when my feet start swelling they are comfy. So now I try to see if I can get them on ebay.

I also have a smart pair of Doc Martins which are also roomy enough to fit my orthotics but I do find Doc Martins a bit heavy.


Hi all, if swollen feet are your prob check out these two sites. Viva La Diva and Hush Puppies they do EEE and EEEE sizes. They both do some realy nice shoes, from flats to very high. Babs


One other thing Wiliby, why would you think your question was trivial. Just because you have a pain in the a** disease doesn't mean you don't want to dress nice. Sometimes putting on a pretty dress or that pair of killer heels (even if you have to sit down all night cos your feet hurt) does you more good than pills. Know what I mean. Babs xx


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