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hi everyone thought i would tell you of my appointment with the consultant at our local hosptial ,which specialises in rheumatology the first in hip replacement many years ago,a wonderful place,I was really made to feel at ease.The Consultant was very informative and examined me,said i had O\A wear and tear in the joints and imflammatory arthritis,he would like me to have ultra sound on my hands feet and wrist.

I have to wait for that appointment.


saw a blog on NAPROXEN but could not access the page any info would be welcome.

I hope you are all keeping warm this weather plays havoc withyour joints. LLady hope your shoulder improves soon,sounds so painful, all the best

to you all.


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Hi Pat - I've just started on Naproxen - which my GP said was one in a group of Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs and a little stronger than the ibuprofen which I had been on max dose of for about 6 months while awaiting diagnosis. So it's much the same as taken the 400mg Ibuprofen but just a bit stronger so I only take 2 tablets a day rather than 3 - which suits me much better because I was forever forgetting the middle of the day tablet. It says on the packet that it's commonly used for people with RA.

I'm only taking it when I feel I'm starting to flare so that it doesn't become inaffective - but then i am also on Methotrexate so it is hoped that will work soon as an alternative anti-inflammatory. I've never quite understood NSAIDs because if they reduce the inflammation then surely they are halting the progress of the disease - but according to my research they don't make any difference to damage that RA can bring about so in that case are they just pain relief? The ultrasound is meant to be a very effective at spotting inflammation and therefore a good means of diagnosis if bloods aren't revealing I'm told? Good luck with them anyhow. TTx


hi Tilda,

thankyou so much for your comments much appreciated .just started taking them along with the Omeprazole, hopr they work ,early days lol



Naproxen is deemed one of the safest and reasonably effective anti inflammatory drugs ( nsaid) as Tilda has said ultrasound is used to detect inflammation in joints .


thanks summer for your comments. iam just a bit confused as i take quite a bit of medication.The other new one i have got is PREGABALIN 1 at night as relaxant,thanks pat.


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