First appointment

First appointment

Hi all,

I attended rheumatology for my first appointment today. So the consultant said the rhuematoid factor was positive 112 but inflammation markers were low, then she did and examination and said she didn't think my joints were too inflamed so she said she wasn't confident making a diagnosis and that she would send me for another blood test that is more specific (is it CCP?) , X-rays and give me a steroid injection and when I said id had already had one about 6 weeks ago she seemed to change her mind because she thought that would explain why the joints aren't inflamed at the moment. Ive had another steroid injection and they've taken bloods and an X-ray of my chest, hands and feet. Once the consultant gets the results of those she's going to contact my GP and they might start me on methortrexate and I have an appointment to see the consultant again on the 6th of June but she also said she would phone me.

I'm looking forward to the steroids working there magic again but a bit meh about no formal diagnosis. Hope everyone is doing ok..

Kirsty xx

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  • Hi Kristy. It took six months for them to formally diagnose me. And boy did it feel like forever. Hang in there!

    Let us know how it goes.

    Cas xx

  • Ahh 6 months!! That is long ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for your reply xx

  • Hi - hope you're ok - likewise i am lucky that i don't have too much obvious swelling and my esr and crp are low. Your experience sounds similar to mine - I felt AWFUL and had very raised RF but the consultant explained there were so many other things that could be the issue so I was confirmed with RA when my anti-ccp test came back strong positive too. Good news is that once I started on methotrexate i tolerated it well. It was a few weeks before i started to feel better - but i did. Yeah!! so Good Luck with your journey and i find this site a real help to find we all experience a different course and yet take comfort in knowing we also have many similarities - so no I'm not going mad! ;-)

  • Hello, thank you for your reply :) your experience does seem similar to mine! I suppose I'll just need to wait and see what happens now

    Kirsty xx

  • I was going to say something but thought I'd better not. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿถ

  • Hahaha!!! No she didn't even mention anything about my ๐Ÿถ Features!' Strange eh? X

  • Hiya Kirsty. Well, that wasn't straightforward was it?! It has been a blessing & a curse having your steroid injections hasn't it? I didn't have one, my GP decided to prescribe me pain relief & NSAID instead to take for the days leading up to my diagnostic appointment with instructions to stop them a few days before I was seen to enable accurate diagnosis & appropriate treatment & dose. It really helped me so I've passed this info on since & I think it's been helpful. Unfortunately in your case it wouldn't have been appropriate as we each react differently with length of efficacy of steroid injections & of course you had no control over when you'd be clear of it.

    The anti CCP blood test is a more sensitive one than the RF & is looking for the presence of a particular antibody, just taking the RF can result in highlighting other conditions than RD so it's the preferred test when diagnosing (or ruling out) RD. The result should also determine if you're seropositive or seronegative. The other bloods taken will be for baseline inflammatory levels etc. The x rays on your hands & feet will again be for baselines plus to show if any damage has already occured, the chest x ray will be to determine if your lungs are ok to start MTX.

    So just a bit longer to wait & you should know how the land lies 're diagnosis & treatment. Do keep us updated won't you. x

  • Hello again, thanks for such an informative reply as always!! No wasn't that simple but I'm reassured that the consultant seemed really nice etc. When I asked her her thoughts re: not having inflammation she said she though that it probably was RA due to family history etc but that she had to make sure before starting me on treatment such as Mtx which is understandable. She did mention that one of the blood tests was for lupus? & also I got 80mg steroids today so hoping it will last twice as long ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽ‰

    Kirsty xx

  • Oh yes, always better to be thorough than go off a hunch. It's probably the ANA test she's requested, it forms part of the jigsaw & can rule out other things. I hope the steroid takes hold quickly. Did you ever find out why the nurse only gave you 40mg last time? x

  • Hey! Nope I didn't ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป I think they were being cautious because it was the first time I'd had it? X

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