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Update and thanks and Omeprazole


hi all

First I want to say thank you for all the love and support from members you are all a great source of info and experience which have helped me a lot in my darkest moments!

I took my last doses of hydroxy and MTX on Thursday and cancelled my upcoming telephone appointment with the same rheumatology nurse who said all my pain was 'mechanical' and that MTX wouldn't work for that. I've asked twice to have an appointment with the consultant, face 2 face but it has not materialised so I was pleased to hear on one of the recorded lines that I could actually book this myself and I now have an appointment with the consultant on 2nd March face 2 face.

I have no idea what the outcome will be and just in case anyone else is going through something similar I will of course keep the forum posted.

In the mean time - I know I've asked before but I can't remember what the answer was - if I take a Naproxen morning and evening, do I have to take Lansoperazole/Omepreazole before each one? thank you. xx

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I'm so pleased that you've managed to book a f2f appointment with the consultant; hopefully you'll get some answers at last 🤞Please do let us know how it goes.

Can't help with your query - sorry.

When my GP prescribed Omeprazole it said to take one tablet a day , this was when I was taking Naproxen ( twice daily). I am not giving any medical advice just telling you what I was instructed I do. Please do clarify with whomever prescribed the Omeprazole.

allanah in reply to Deniseelk

Same advice I got but i was allowed 2 a day later x but no more he said x good luck

bart8 in reply to Deniseelk

I'm the same Naproxen twice and Omeprazole once , hydroquinone twice

I was only told one a day and this was on the box too . Have you checked the box what has been prescribed? Otherwise call pharmacy. Good luck with f2f

That's great news Brychni and not before time too. I hope you get some joy with this as it's been going on for such a long time now.

PPIs are usually taken before meds to prepare the stomach. If in any doubt, a pharmacist will be able to tell you. I have just seen this on drugs.com so it would be best to check with a pharmacist first anyway.

Talk to your doctor before using naproxen together with omeprazole. Using these medications together may affect the enteric coating of naproxen, causing the medication to be released too early in the body. This can make naproxen less effective.

Naproxen and omeprazole Drug Interactions - Drugs.comdrugs.com › drug-interactions › naproxen-with-ome...

Good so glad you've got a face 2 face appointment with your consultant.

If you're anything like me might be good to write down any questions to you want ask and get the most out of it; I have a habit of going absent minded in hospital appointments (well probably applies to most of my time now!).

Sorry I don't know anything about the medications.

Good luck x

Isn’t it written on the label the Omeprazole container?

Brychni in reply to AgedCrone

I had both. The omeprazole states 2 a day, the lansoprazole box is gone but it said one a day and the naproxen said to take as needed. It was further complicated by the fact that I sometimes take high doses of Naproxen for cluster headaches and migraines.

A doctor has the knowledge and power.I know he tells these nurses to act for him but he is the one who makes the decisions.I remember a nurse ringing me and telling me stop the methotrexate as I my bloods show it was damaging my liver.When I saw the consultant he said the blood results weren’t that high.You can always ask foe a 2nd opinion too.They don’t like it but it’s your body.Pleased you are actually seeing a human.write things down before hand so that you don’t forget to ask him.Tell him how bad you are and what he will do to help you.Good luck

I always leave at least 2 hours between my anti inflammatory and omeprazole. It can interfere with the efficacy of that medication if taken together.

I hope things remain calm until your appointment. I take 20mg omeprazole with both my morning & evening meds, though only take my NSAID in an evening. The morning dose is protection from my other meds. But definitely take your ppi whenever you have an NSAID, with a glass of water & food.

There aren’t any interactions between naproxen & omeprazole as far as I’m aware, there are none listed by NICE anyway but it may be prudent to ask the Pharmacist where you have your scripts filled just so you have professional advice. It doesn't say in the directions on the pharmacy label on the box does it?

Brychni in reply to nomoreheels

I've lost one box, but first I was given Lansoperazole and then Omeprazole with the Naproxen and was just told to take it before the Naproxen. Been trying to get through to the chemist today I've bee taking one Omeprazole before getting up then Naproxen 500g about half an hour later with my mega healthy rye bread 😁. Been doing that for a couple of days now and I suddenly remember why I had given up on this routine a few months ago: it makes me feel really rubbish. I have a permanent frog in my throat and the Naproxen still really burns my stomach and then I get all bloated by the afternoon. I didn't take anything today.

nomoreheels in reply to Brychni

That doesn't sound good. Do you think you should see your GP? The frog & burning aren't right. NSAIDs as you know can be hard on the tum, why we take a ppi, but it doesn't seem it's doing a good enough job, or the naproxen is causing problems. It happens unfortunately.

I'm so pleased you've managed to get a f2f appointment and please do keep us posted of the outcome x

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