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Hi everyone, Hope your not in too much pain. I've got a question to ask. Does anyone know of a good wrist support I can buy?

I work on a checkout & I have osteoarthritis in my wrists & thumb joints. My GP has referred me to the appliance department at my local hospital but I will have to wait for 4-6 months to be seen. i just cannot wait this long with the pain I have during the hours I work.

I was told that i may get a early appointment if I went through a consultant. I was discharged from him with a "keep taking the pain killers" in September.

Hope someone will be able to help.

Thank you



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  • Hi Carole, I'm just on my way out so sorry for the brief reply. I use these - healthandcare.co.uk/wrist-s.... I find them much better than the ones supplied by the hospital. They look and feel better. I used to work on a checkout and they really helped. Shop around for the best price as several suppliers stock them x

  • Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look at them. Was busy today so in a bit of pain. Luckily I'm on holiday next week so hopefully I will not need to use them. Look after yourself. Carole x

  • Hello paulywoo and Carole, just to repeat, these supports are great, I took the metal bar out of mine. I find other supports restricting use of thumb for some reason, they wash easily to!

  • your lovely jack Russell looks very similar to ours. they certainly have a personality don't they x

  • Personality is one word for it Dilly! We've got 2 little terrors now and they always put a smile on my face. I love dogs and yours are gorgeous x

  • It's worth the wait mine have made a difference

  • I thought you could get wrist splints through an OT. Maybe you could phone the hospital and ask how long the waiting list is, and if you can be available at short notice, ask if you can be put on the list to take up a cancellation.

  • I contact the OT direct when I need new wrist splints. They are different sizes according to how swollen my joints are and wear at different rates....

  • I have had splints of all kinds made by the OT. They are made specifically for you so will fit better than any shop bought ones. You will have to be referred through your rheumatology nurse but it didn't take long in my case. You can also have wax baths for your hands which I found very soothing.

  • HI there I also work on checkouts in a very busy supermarket if you have self scanners see if you can transfer to them I find a mix of the two works best for my PA and OA as both my hands and feet are quite badly affected.I have Actimove supports which I get from the hospital but you can buy them online make sure they include the thumb support,also Lloyds chemists have a good range of supports and the staff are very helpfull. I would also make sure that you keep your Employer up to date ,mine have been really helpfull and work with me to manage my problems at work. Good Luck

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