Southend Pier

Southend Pier

Southend Pier, a fabulous memory

We all went down to Southend pier,

the NRAS lot and me,

dressed in all manner of costumes -

with Mary the Christmas Tree.

Creaky tripped the light fantastic

her tassels were all asway

until they suddenly tripped her up

phew! She's wearing knickers today.

Allanah turned up in a mandarin chair

dressed as a chestnut no less.

Never seen a chestnut swathed in blankets,

she looks so cute - aw bless.

I turned up in my reindeer onesie

full of Baileys I fear

so can't remember everything

except jumping the moon - oh dear!!

lorann arrived by zipwire

said she lost her virginity!

Dressed as a sexy Mrs Claus,

in a dress that was itty bitty!!

Santa Claus finally joined us

then Prairie and Scouser too.

Poor chicken got lost and couldn't be found

my goodness, what a to do!!

Then Barrister's camel began to smell

and dtech's jet ski sank

his satsuma suit got very wet

I'm afraid it suddenly shrank!!

Well we all ran out of Baileys

and the cops turned up in the end

But we'd do it again as we all enjoyed

our evening in Southend.

10 Replies

  • Lol brilliant xx

  • Absolutely brilliant...I bloody loved are very, very gifted.x

  • Fabulous x

  • Oh brilliant!

  • I hope I got everything in. My memory is hazy. xxx

  • Spot on Poems! - although I would argue that Scouser was a great deal smellier than the camel having travelled in a trailer full of pigs! :-)

  • Wow love it....:-)

  • Oh wow this is an absolutely fab poem....I'm laughing and wasn't even there....well not until too late....bloomin site crashing..!!

  • Fan blooming tastic. The bard of RA :-)

  • Haha luv I xxx

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