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I am a nong!!!!!

I saw the rheumy yesterday and am now taking the plaquenil in a different odds and even days sort of way due to the constant headache/migraines, thank heavens he drew up a chart or I would be so confused! Only problem is I forgot to ask for a script and now I have to wait to see if they ring back and can post one out to me as it was the last clinic until next year and I don't go back until March!!!! I am such an idiot some times. I wish my brain would re-engage! I think I am just exhausted as I am packing up the house to move on the 20th and have spent the last few weekends working like a slave, emptying sheds and cupboards chucking stuff out and packing, while also working full time. I feel I am pushing the envelope a bit and paying for it.

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Hi I would say you are pushing it a bit! No wonder you are getting in a tizz you are doing such a are not a mong just very busy..I forget things terribly too, I forgot to ask for more morphine last Saturday so I've been up ALL night with such pain and cramps..I'm just about to take two tramadol and two cocodamol to see if that works, I've also just reheated my water bottles to put on my legs..I think you are great to be doing such a lot..I moved a few years ago after 26 years in the same house..bloody hell!!! I'm never moving again, it was one of the worst experiences I've ever good on you...I hope they get back to you with reapeat prescription..all fingers crossed..maryx


Haha I just can't retain things at the moment I think it is because I am sooo tired. I hope you get some relief but watch your liver taking that mixture.

We have been here 10 years and my husband is a hoarder so it has taken two 8 metre skips to get rid of most of his rubbish aghhhhhh we are downsizing as all the kids have left home finally and we just don't want any garden to look after.


Join the club Hon. Intermittent loss of memory seems to go with the territory here! My goodness, though, 20th December moving date, now that's brave. No wonder you can't think straight. Good luck with it all. xx


yes I have to fit some Christmas shopping in there somewhere I think it will be a very late night shop and hopefully no one around! I am driving for two days 2 days after Christmas so I am focused on moving, unpacking, cleaning the old house, Christmas, then a loooong drive and finally a big rest!

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Goodness, that is a lot to be contending with! I occasionally think of downsizing to a little 2 bed cottage in the country but the thought of all the stuff in the loft never mind all the stuff in the house seriously puts me off:-( Mind you if the 'kids' came back and took all their possessions that would clear three quarters of the loft and a good few bedroom corners too!

Are you moving a long distance or travelling to relatives for Christmas??? I know that you can travel very long distances in Aus:-}

Good luck with all of it anyway - and enjoy the big rest at the end of it!

Cece x


I know what you mean. Between my husbands junk that he didn't throw away 10 years ago and left overs from kids it has been a month of rubbish removal. I have a clean out of things every 6 months or so so it doesn't get out of hand but oh my the others!!!!

We are travelling about 1200 km to the NSW far north coast for a week holiday. Normally it is an 11 or 12 hour drive but I have to break up the drive now in to two days now as I can't sit that long too painful. I love that part of Australia and I have a few rels up there. Google Lennox Head NSW Australia and do satellite view it is a lovely village on the coast.


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