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I posted about this problem about three months ago. After waiting 5 weeks for mri, a cancelled appt 2 weeks after this, an appt where there was not even a clinic! I finally got to see my consultant yesterday! And that was after a 50 minute wait past appt time! Mri shows tear in right shoulder and impingement and smaller tear in left along with bursitis in both and oesteoarthritis. He has already referred me to an orthopaedic consultant (8 weeks ago with a waiting list of approx 18 weeks!) He seems to think will need op to sort it out. I dread to think how long I will wait for that! He then announced that op hopefully will help with movement but not pain! At this point I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Am sure some of you very helpful people out there might have some experience of this problem that you could share. Many thanks. Sue xx

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  • Have you been referred to a physio? I had/ have shoulder pain which I'm told was an impingement and physio gave me gentle massage and exercises. She identified the causes of the problem too, compensatory movements due to knee problems. I found the latter hard at first but I built up gradually and although the shoulder still hurts it does move more readily. Hope you can get some relief.

  • I have a physio appt in 2 weeks which I am hoping will help. I miss swimming which at moment can't do - it would be more like sinking! Thanks for replying. X

  • four years ago, I had shoulder pain so awful that I could not brush my hair, put on my clothes! Does your hurt only at certain angles or levels? At first they thought mine was torn rotator cuff,,,, turns out to have been bursitis. Try icing the shoulder and wearing a sling for a couple of days... no surgery for me and the docs were all convinced. No MRI either

  • Have been suffering for 6 months now with this prob. Have tried so many pills and different heat/ cold packs. I only have 20 percent movement in right arm - havnt got it to my hair for ages ( not through lack of trying)! Dressing takes so long as well and in kitchen everything is now left on work surfaces to save me reaching up. Anything to make life easier. Thanks for replying. X

  • Yes my shoulder pain is a bit like this. The gentle exercises help a bit but the pain isnt the same all the time. Sometimes I can barely raise my arm, other times its much easier.

  • I was similar to you around 3 years ago started with neck pain but just put it down to I had pulled it slept funny or do to work so didn't go docs but then went into right shoulder and hurt so much was sat down stairs most if night and was affecting me getting dressed drying hair and even counting money in the bank anyhow was sent fir ultrasound who said tendinitis so they then sent me for physio and it didn't really help he kept saying I needed mri on neck as well they then sent me muscleskeletal and told him what physio said but he said he wasn't convinced an injected shoukder it didn't help so I then managed to get referred to our local nuffield which is private but through nhs they did mri within a week and found out I had an herniated disc in neck and tendinitis in shoulder so they booked me in for neck 1st op went great then was due to have shoukder dine but whether it was having time off from work and not using it so much it was a lot better but had gone into my left which was worse so the did arthroscopy and rotator cuff repair it's been great since can get dressed loads better and couldn't have the hospital were great. Then last xmas when I started with the stills it kicked my right shoulder in again and so they have just done that it had gone into a tear so jus getting over op must admit it hurts mire than left but they said it will as no tear in left but I couldn't carry on sat downstairs most nights just started physio but can't do much have to keep sling on but hopefully will be worth it do you have a nuffield near you and can you get referred there on nhs on choose an book cos you don't normally wait long just wondered cos if you have they are fantastic and more like staying in a hotel than hospital worth checking let me know how you go on


  • That's interesting. Since my RA consultant referred me to ortho I didn't have the choose and book option. Which is why I am in 'the system'. Am not sure how would work if I paid for a private appt at Nuffield (I live in Essex) but wouldn't be able to pay for private op. I hope your pain improves and you are soon feeling better. Thanks for replying. Sue x

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