Welcome to the Holiday Porch Party!!!

Welcome to the Holiday Porch Party!!!

We'll blast off the Christmas season right here! Unless some of you have already been "blasting"! The rocking chairs are set up, cushions and footrests, little tables about the porch, in between chairs, and the "goodies" table already set up with the scones and tea cakes and ready for anything else y'all might bring with you.

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  • Thank you for the invite to the Holiday porch party, I have come without anything as I am exhausted, have overworked myself today, with items needed doing at home. The scaffolding has come down outside along with loads of snagging still to do. I appear to be forever on at hubby to get the snagging sorted with the contractors and if I speak to them they look at me as though I am a 'dumb blonde'. So please could I stay with you and just flop along with my bottled water. xxx

  • Absolutely Georje, glad to have you. What can I get you to drink? Coffee just finished brewing, hot water ready to make a pot of tea, and I just now took the Pumpkin caramel scones out of the oven.

  • Well, I have never tried Pumpkin before so may I have a Pumpkin caramel scone, it sounds delicious. Water suits me fine as I have had my quota of tea and coffee disagrees with me now.

    How are your aches and pains after your celebrations yesterday with family and friends. A very good friend of mine flew to NY this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family that live there, it would have been her children's first time in joining these festivities. I do hope the turkey lived up to expectations.

  • Pumpkin pie is lovely i will bring some of that to the party.xxxx

  • So Georje, what is going on at yourhouse, scaffolding and all?

  • We are leaseholders in a flat, the maintenance company decided the roofs needed repairing along with soffix and down pipes. We have been like this since the end of September as they have had to replace the soffix twice due to us not be able to open our big windows. Since they have replaced it the second time, we are now getting damp through to our bathroom, we have check our fan in the loft which appears to be ok, we now think they have either broken or not connected the outside properly. They are unable to sort this out until Monday, am not happy due to having only replaced all bathroom refit last January and I can ill afford to replace anything again.

    I will not be paying any bills for these works until I am satisfied even if it means seeing a solicitor as I am fed up with it all. Should have taken two - four weeks and eight weeks later....... Sorry long story to a quick question!

  • Yikes, that sounds miserable! Is the weather there still warm?

  • Hi Loret, How are you feeling today? I'd like to try those scones if you don't mind. I've bought a bottle of mulled wine for those who can have it. I'm wearing my quilted jacket and fleecy shawl as it's a tad chilly here. xx

  • Hi and welcome aboard! Here's the first of the scones, hope you like them, kind of flavoured like pumpkin pie, so the mulled wine should go well! I'm feeling pretty good at the mo.!

  • It is moe than a tad chilly here, actually. But we won't deal with actually :)

  • Did you try the scones? What do you think? I think kinda dry! Should have put apples or some such moist fruit in them

  • Oh, I put some butter on mine so I did not notice they were dry!

  • As to yesterday..it was Fab! My daughter-in-law really knows how to put on a lovely dinner. The turkey was so delicious, due to her using the baking bag..it seals all the moisture in, yet allows browning to occur..that white meat as so tender! All the sides everyone brought were outstanding, you know, as we were enjoying it all, I had to think of others who might not be so blessed. And I mised my sons who werenot there.

    Today we will have another Turkey dinnr at son Tim's and his wife, and her mom. My othe two sons andwives are too far away, ne in California and one in Texas. Will chat with them later today.

  • Gosh, where is everybody? Isn't it now 3:30 in merry old England?

  • It's 2.45 here at the moment. I never put Turkey in a bag before I always use tin foil, will have to try using a bag to see the difference. xx

  • Reynolds, the foil makers, also put out this big plastic type bag to hold the entire turkey, or a big roast, and that does a marvvelous job, especially if you can't be watchingand basting yourself. I want to look to see if they make a small versin for chicken,etc.

  • It's 2.45 Loret, but who's watching the clock? :-)

  • You still around? Or perhaps you're having a little nap...

  • I'm here, been here, but I ee we have to scroll back to p[revious comments to see any that have been added onto..

  • I'm here lovely Loretta,just feel like being in the corner today.xxx

  • Stop that Sylvie...No need to be in the corner on my porch. I just had one of the Pumkin/Caramel Scones..need critics, so try one.

  • Yes Mum.xxx

  • So Sylvie, How are the Christmas Decos going?

  • The trees are up with lights on nothing else yet.Hubby has put the lights up round the room and in the hall. We have four trees up and needing baubles and tinsel on them,but it won't get done today.xxxx

  • OMG> That's alot! I haven't done any of Christas yet!

  • I have a problem doing one tree let alone four! xx

  • They take over a week to get all the decorations up.xx

  • Sorry to hear that Sylvi I'm needing a duvet day myself:-(

  • It was 9:45 here, when you wrote the above. I was told there was a 6 hour difference when we went back to Eastern Standard time a few weeks ago. But maybe now you have also gone to standard time. That's good, 5 hours is no so bad as 6! So it isn't 3:00 there yet, OK!

  • Yoo hoo! Sorry that i m running a bit late - I,m feeling absolutely rotten today so your porch is just what I need ! Apologise for the typos getting used to the iPad with swollen fingers...

  • Cece! So glad you made it! Come have a seat and let me get you a nice hot cuppa... coffee or tea?

    Sylvie, did you get your cup of Earl Grey? That is what is in the tea pot right now.

  • Ooh tea please...

  • But it is now!!! Planes must be delayed due to the high traffic!

  • That jingling sound is the bells stitched to my boots - thought I would bring a festive touch! And mince pies with double cream...

  • Cece..you must have known how mince pies are my very favorite holiday yummy!

  • I've been restraining myself as they're a favourite of mine too, but this seems like the right time to indulge!

  • Where s our Scouser? Don't say that she's had the booze seized at Customs???

  • Yes our clocks went back an hour at the end of October.

    Can I have that rocker Loretta or has Scouser baggsied it?

  • It's yours, there are two others on the other side of the porch, around the left corner

  • It's so pretty out here and these comforters are really snugly:-)

  • It is still my favorite spot, even though I had to take inthe potted plants.

    Georje and Poems, are you two settled in OK/ Can I get you anything, need another cushion or wrap/ Help yourselves to the goody table.

  • sorry what was it you said, took a bit of snooze there for a while, not saying I'm bored, just k.........ed. xx

  • I too have been to sleep.I will get santas sleigh out and get there on that as it will be quicker.If santa can get round the world in a night getting there to you will be a breeze.xxx

  • Now there's a great idea, maybe we can all have a ride when you get here next time :)

  • I see a sort of prob..when we make a comment connected to a previous comment, the other person needs to keep scrolling back up to catch subsequent answeres instead of just one comment following the previous one. Hmmm.. Like in facebook...

  • Two weeks til surgery and I've still not bought a single present - will have to have an internet shopping expedition this weekend, Amazon we warned!

  • I keep thnking of your surgery coming up..will you be going directly home from there or do you have to go to rehab for a while?

  • No straight home after 2-3 days, my daughter has taken the week off work and then is off the next week for Xmas and New Year - so she'll be home for about two and a half weeks. My youngest son is coming to stay for 2-3 days over Xmas and my eldest son is with us on the 25 th and is cooking the dinner!

  • Well, not a bad plan then to do this over Christmas with all that help available!!

    Just shake your foot and ring the bells anytime you need something. A mince pie seems just right about now!

  • Oh oh, I see our site is getting back logged already! Wonder why it needs to run through the entre script everytime we post a comment?

  • Hmmm, it does sem to be running a bit slowly...

    You must let me have the recipe for these scones, they are really yummy:-)

  • It's new to me..thought they were a bit dry, could add some shredded apple to make more moist

  • I put so much jam and cream on them that they didn't seem dry

  • This is where we need Allanah and her Vodka! Wonder where Mary is, probably off hang gliding again...

  • Iwas sorry to see Allanah can't be here, but where are Scouser and dtech and Mattcass and Sandra andCase and somany others who planned to be here?

    Now I am worried, fear airport lockdowns, some unruly woman at check point refusing to relinquish a bottle of something not clearing customs..Hmmm?

    Suppose that is anyone who all know and love?

  • Scouser has had to stay on the sofa to look after her poorly granddaughter :-(

    I think the holiday traffic and rush to the Black Friday Sales must have caught the others up in a traffic gridlock - and the site is being very slow too.....

  • Well then, if anyone likes, I do have an Absolute Vodka and a Kentucky Bourbon and a Bailey's original. Man, soak those scones in Bailey's oh boy!!

  • I seem to be ok, site running normally for me, I live under both stack-up pathways for Heathrow and Gatwick, I see nothing in the sky so planes must be normal. Could be the customs again and not letting people through.

    I went to the sales on the net but could not see anything I fancied.

  • Haven't tried that yet..there is Cyber Monday coming up..so don't give up! I am going to my eldest son's in Sandusky in a bit, he is cooking the turkey, I made dressing, or stuffing, last night and early this morning, in the crock pot, his wife was called in to work at a water resort lodge she'sa cook and worked al day yesterday as they has a Thanksgiving Buffett, now they want her back all afternoon. So our dinner will be a later evening one. We have Biley's up there too, her Mom loves it, so she and I might be a bit tipsy by dinner time!

  • That is Bailey's we are tipping :)

  • Hold on Helicopter overhead it's the Police, who has been naughty!

  • Is it circling Georje?:

    Maybe they heard Scouser and Allanah were missing!!

  • Yes they are circling and I can hear other sirens, from where they are circling, anyone on the M25 will have a long wait tonight.

    Perhaps that's why Scouser and Allanah are late stuck on the M25.

  • Going to have to depart for a sleep now - painkillers have kicked. In. Am I alright to use your guest room? I promise to pop back down and join you again later.".....

  • Sure help yourself, there are extra quilts on the quilt rack if anybody needs one.

  • Mary!! Where is Mary? That girl sure has an amazing sense of humor!

  • Maybe after that pub-hopping fiasco, a tea party might seem rather midiocre!!

  • Oh good, it's buzzing here now. I just had a short nap there to pep me up a bit. Hope I didn't miss any juicy gossip. Anybody had a drink of mulled wine yet? It'll warm the cockles of your heart. Although most here seem to be warm hearted already. xx

  • I am going to try the mulled wine, right now with the mince pies Cece brought, come hve some with me. anybody else want to get into the mulled wine and mince pies?

    What happened to Ronnie, has anyone heard? Or did she have to work today?

  • Wow you are right PG, the cockles of my heart are n deed warmed!! The mice pie has some spirits in it oo!!

  • OMG, this stupid keyboard lmaO!! iT WROTE mICE PIE Sorry cece, they are deliciouds mince pies!

  • Oh yummy Loret, I think I'll have another. I'm glad the mulled wine has warmed you up. Or was it a mice pie ;-) . I think Cece put a drop of sherry in them.

  • Well kids, it's after noon here, my son has arrived to take me to elder son's in thenext town for the rest of the day and overnight. So I must leave, and I really wish the timing was better. Thanks to all for coming and bringing the goodies. That mulled wine is indeeddoing its trick! And I am likely to be adding Bailey's to that. Cece, the mince pies were oh so good!

    Have a great evening all of you, please relay my regrets fo having to leave..bytheway, Cece is sleeping inthe guest room... Love ya all.

  • I'm having to go as well, we are out for dinner tonight.

  • Bye everybody, take care and wrap up warm. Hope you enyoy your meal out Georje xxx Kath xxxx

  • Well lovely Lorann late as always had a terrible fight with customs. Just because i wanted to bring a crate of southern comfort through!!!!!! Really can't see that i'm doing anything wrong dam authorities really what are they like???? After all that excitement need a lay down. Come on Cece move over and stop snoring !!!!!!!! xx

  • Phew. Just made it now I'm going to just flake out with a bottle of corona beer with a lime in the neck. I've been assisting on a course today, so worn out.

  • Well, that was a nice sleep - oh how sweet Loret has left a note and some supper on a covered plate:-}

    We'd better get settled in for a sleep-over if Loret's away for the night now - did you bring your onesie Dtech?

    I put some Baileys into ice pop moulds in the freezer, we can have them after supper.... Miss, do you need a drink poured for you ?- you're looking pretty pooped.

    Scouser sends her regrets, she's looking after a poorly grandchild - sure she'll be back out on the razz soon.

  • i really do need a pick me up surprise me, truly have been put through the mill today x

  • I don't sleep in a onesie Cece ;-)

  • Just had a nice Thai meal. And a couple of tiger beers, so suitably refreshed

  • Sorry I couldn't be there. I fell on chicken and I broke her leg..I am at A&E. Maryx

  • So poor chicken is plucked??

  • Very good....! I think she.s about to get plastered x

  • Oh I wish I could. I will just have to throw a bottle of good Australian red cab sav at you as I rush by! Too busy packing and cleaning we are moving house 5 days before Christmas then driving 1200km two days later for a holiday. Oh I am a glutton for punishment. I hope you all enjoy your gathering.

  • Mm hi did I miss something lol ;)

    No I was sorry to not be with you all but I was at a pamper day! All the girlies sat in a lovely hotel outside York with tea and cakes , got a massage and she was gentle round my joints! Then we had dinner out, got home 10.30 pm and went to sleep ! Lovely but all this relaxing I woke at 5.30 am ! Oh well , glad u all had a good time xx

  • So sorry I missed your party again Lorann, my daughter fell down bottom few stairs and mashed up her ankle. She has Addison's disease so they had bit of a problem. This happened last Friday night and they could not operate till Monday she was in agony. They just managed to put a cast on yesterday so this is reason I couldn't be there. I will invite myself over some time around Xmas just to have a quick Xmas drink with you. Xxxx

  • Would love that, Poppy :)

  • Ohmygosh, you guys, I am sosorry I wasn'tthere..although the dinne and evening at my son's was lovely too. Too much food in a short time! Heather's mom is a cook at an assisted living home, and she made the best pumpkin pie ever! She used a quart of fresh pumpkin Heather had made, from a real pumpkin, thisFall, and condensed it by simmereing on low for 2 days. So her Mom used that and a can of commercial pumpkin we all use, the texture was heavier and truly delicious!

    Their Cranberry-Orange relish was spiked with a bit of Grande Marnier, an orange liquer for those who might not know. Divine.

  • Oh no I missed the party, :( sounds like you had a great time, me and my boy were at a show it was a big show he won Best puppy dog in show :)

    Jen x

  • Jen, I'm sure, for him, he was happier about winning his best puppy dog status! So you both hada fun time together:)

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