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So Honoured to be Best Man, Mattcass

Hi Guys, Mark and Emma came up for supper last night to discuss the Wedding and in harmony asked me to honour them and be their best man to which I gratefully accepted, It’s a bit hard trying to feeling on the top of the world when one is going through the pain barriers off all pain barriers Mark thought I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy 3 days again of nothing but pain, I did get upset when I saw Emma crying because she saw me crying and what I was going through I tried to make light work of the situation by asking Emma to make sure there was wheelchair access because I will be there on the day, Needless to say a bottle of wine helped me to get some sleep before my work today, Matt

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Hello, I am so sorry you have been crying with the pain...I'm crying cintinously at the moment...I shouldn't be as my seventh grand child's arrival is imment..a little girl called Ruby. I really hope you find some respite soon but how lovely to be bestman at your son's wedding what a joy..have lots of painkillers and wine on the day!!!! Maryx


And of course there is 'the speech" to work on!!!!!!!!! Maryx


Real emotional time for you Matt. Just go with it, try to enjoy the build up if you can through your pain. When's ur next Rheumy appointment cos I personally would be telling him I need help to get through the week of the wedding? Xx

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Just think how much knowledge you have on your son for your best mans speech,he will wonder why he asked you after that!!! ha ha ha ha. Crying helps Matt and if it is coming out in tears so much the better. The weather will be better by the time your son gets married and you will feel better by then. if you walk all well and good if you have to use a wheelchair well thats good as well.xxxx


thats very nice of you


That is a terrific honor, Matt! To be chosen to be your son's Best Man, says alot about you as his Dad, and a lot about the wonderful son you have raised. Enjoy, savour every moment, even if with the aid of Wine or Baileys or whatever floats your boat. Those days will be with you for always! Yes, do put some pressure on the Rheumy and GP to get you through the week before and another after :)



So pleased for you Matt. Better start writing the speech. At least you'll have plenty of personal material!


Fantastic news about you being best must be so proud....although I am so sorry about all this pain you are suffering's a nightmare but I shall be praying you get some relief soon. Maybe thinking about all those 'interesting' stories on your son for the 'speech' might take your mind off the pain a little...and if not...well there's always wine! Take care xxx


what a wonderful thing for your son to ask. He must be so proud to have you as his Dad. I hope you can be as pain free as possible on the big day. Congratulations Matt.


Ah that's lovely such an honour, really pleased for you but so very sorry to hear your in so much pain, I hope you can find something that will give you some relief soon

Jen x


Good, better, best,

Never let it rest

Until your good is better

And your better's best.

I'm so pleased for you all about the wedding - they couldn't have chosen a better best man.

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain though.


Dotty xx


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