One for Twitchy

One for Twitchy

I think the two of them would get on like a house on fire! We haven't been to the sea as yet. Perhaps after my knee is better. When we took our retrievers, they loved it but wouldn't stop drinking the seawater so consequently were both sick (as dogs)!

I'm just about to have a Pimms. I can't remember when I last had a drink. I just don't like gin, whiskey, brandy etc. I can only stomach things that don't really taste very alcoholic (Dry Martini with lots of lemonade, Pimms with lots of lemonade). I used to like wine but as the meds built up I found even a sip burnt my mouth.

I hope the move goes well. We moved around so much earlier in our marriage we got used to it. Last year when we moved here it all went really well. We moved on the spur of the moment to be nearer to my son and his wife so we could help with the triplets. We had already booked a holiday so really we were very laid back. We got home to be told everyone in the chain was ready to move the next week so we didn't really have time to get stressed, we just had to get packing! I definitely think that when you have to do something you just get on and do it. I did have a bit of a meltdown when we got here though. After leaving our old place spotless, this place needed cleaning from top to bottom. If it wasn't for my daughter-in-law arriving with her degreaser and setting to work on the kitchen, I don't know what I would have done.

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  • What a lovely dog He/She?? Whatever - love it. Such a lovely face. x

  • His name is Ralphie, a Labradoodle, a rescue dog. His previous owners could not cope. We know why! ToD xx

  • Awh he's gorgeous but I detect a bit of a monkey? Hope some training will sort that out! My son was given a soft toy dog when he was about 2. His Dad named him Ralphie and he still sleeps with him ( he's 11). He goes everywhere with us. If I'm really poorly sometimes I get to cuddle Ralphie during the day but at bedtime he goes back to my sons bed 😕

  • So you inherited his lively spirit then?! Better that way than one that had it knocked out of them, though thankfully we managed it with some hard work & lots of love!

    He looks full of fun!

  • He's very excitable, exuberant and puts his all into being eager to please. He knows all the commands, hand signals etc then out of the blue he remembers he's a Labradoodle and his brain seems to turn to jelly and he behaves as though possessed. Unfortunately my son seems to be a major trigger for this and it was the same with our previous dogs. Of course this is the side of his character that seems to have rubbed off on our Cypriot rescue puppy! They both love the grandchildren though, which is good.

  • Hey this is a lovely post - one for me indeed! Ralphie looks gorgeous. Ruby (mini Australian labradodle) is on antibiotics having had her coat clipped severely and developed some sort of chill leading to a throat infection/ cough with roaring temperature nearing 40.

    Someone at our local campsite with a cockapoo like our Fred, told me yesterday that these doodles shouldn't be severely clipped because they can get sunstroke. My friend laughed and said "not here in Orkney they can't!". But it made me wonder at whether we should be just keeping her coat the length of your Ralphie's from now onwards - the wippet look is just too pitiful. She's curled up in my arm constantly just now looking deep into my eyes!

    Interesting about your rapid completion and move. We've just had our first official viewing. I don't think anything's going to happen fast but I almost wish it would to put us out of our suspense so we can move on. X

  • It's strange, but someone else said that to me about getting sunstroke. He's only ever showed signs of not coping well with the heat when his coat was really long but I was reading about some Australian Labradoodles always keeping their long coats and it keeps them cool!! There again, I also read that Labradoodles self clean but nobody has let Ralphie know how to do that yet! ToD xx

  • Ruby starts panting and tries to find cool spots to expire on when her hair is long. I think from now on we are home to keep it to around an inch in length - balance in all things including Australian labradoodles! X

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