Oops I did it again .... Slide down the stairs

Well this is becoming a habit now. Lol. I'm really not seeing the funny side of ending up on my butt at the bottom of the stairs twice in two days. Luckily I don't seem to have injured anything and the daughter was not able to ground me again lol

My days I'm hoping to go back to work next week falling up and sliding back down the stairs could be interesting at work he he he

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  • Shall we just call you Britney from now on? :-))

  • He he clumsy I think. Lol x

  • Oh dear, do try not to break anything! A large roll of bubble wrap is required me thinks:-}

    Cece x

  • That could be fun how many bubble can you pop in one slide. Ha ha

  • I wonder whether a Hotter do any special shoes with inbuilt gravity to prevent such things?

  • Ouch! you ok? Rie x

  • I'm good just the pride that's bruised lol.

  • Oh no. U r beginning to sound like me! Xxxxxx ps don't go near caravans, I have a habit of falling out mine!

  • You need a stair lift girl. When you visit me you will use it if you need the loo. xxxx

  • Sylv thank you. But in ok generally when I have the splint on its in the evening when I "rest" my foot a bit. We can't have a stair lift the well isn't wide enough lol xxx

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