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Long time no blog!

hello one and all, I am in Western ALgarve, very windy & hot here. As u know I am in chemical remission, and therefore a success story. Sadly, no cure but able to function well for intents n purposes. The update is for a lady under 50 (just) I can't drink alcohol, can't walk very well due to quick & severe damage to ankles and feet! I am glad 'I can tolerate meds & was picked up quickly ' but I still resent the fact that I walk weirdly and the damage is done! Also any day without warning, anti tnf can stop working. Having said all that, I'm here. For all those that suffer fatigue, the mtx does cause tiredness especially until you get used to it, but it is the constant struggle to keep up normality that wears me out.

My consultant says that very very very slowly she will reduce my meds, I guess that will be over years, and hopefully if I pass this disease on to future generations there will be a cure, in fact I think there will..

Hopefully, this winter my orthopaedic surgeon will decide he has the skill to fix my main ankle tendon! In the meanwhile I have to hobble back poolside and dwell a little more on the unfairness of RA.

Love & hugs to all.


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Hi Gina. You are in a lovely part of the world. So am I! hehehehe

You sound every so slightly fed up with RA... or am I stating the flippity obvious. I have spent today hobbling in and out of caravans and holiday lodges! trying to pretend I can afford one in a nice spot in Cornwall or somewhere exotic like that! Still I got a free glass of wine and a cheeseburger. Which is not on my list of healthy foods, but bugger it....

It's only a struggle if you keep on insisting on "normality". You are normal Gina, I hobble too!

Have yourself a lovely rest. RA is blooming unfair, as are lots of things in life... look after yourself.

Take care

love Julie xxx


Thsnks Julie, just a litttle fed up being stiff, and rikkity, Ho hum suppose this is it!

xxx Gina.


have a great holiday x


Hi Gina, you are in my favourite part of the world and we have spent many happy weeks in the Western Algarve. We normally stay in Praia da Luz or Salema both of which are fairly quiet with lovely beaches. Are you anywhere near there? We are off to Northern Portugal in September to take a river boat trip down the Duoro River visiting a few wine and port lodges (Himself who is a port addict can't wait!).

I agree RA is so unfair - one day you feel good, another day it is difficult to move. Hope you have a lovely holiday and come back refreshed. Are you finding the warmth helps? I usually find it does unless it gets very hot then the RA is affected as it is with very cold and damp weather. So glad they are talking about reducing your meds. My Rheumy is talking about increasing mine.! Ho hum - I do hate the MTX with all its side effects. Tiredness being one of the worst and hair loss being another. The anti TNF doesn't seem to have side effects or at least I haven't noticed any.

Have a great time. LavendarLady xx


Hi ll, we are in Praia da luz, always come here! Agree it is the best part of ALgarve . Love to live here, but not possible yet. The port trip sounds fun, I love a drop of port too. The weather is lovely, with the usual breeze, as I'm sure you know!



Oh wow I am very jealous! lavendarLady


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