Note to self! Don't use stairs as a slide!!!

While attempting to climb the stairs this evening with a rather painful unsteady gait as the good old RA decided it had rested for long enough and wanted to join the poor health party my body is having, anyway I digress. As I climb the small 14 steps of our staircase, I trip on step 11 (ish) and elegantly bump slide down the stairs again, I am in a heap at the bottom when I heart the sweet little voice of my daughter Gee, aged 7 yrs, she is standing there hands on hips and says "Mummy they are stairs not a slide and your grounded now for sliding down the stairs!!!" Don't you just love the funny side of kids perceptions.

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  • Bless you and her - bet you didn't feel quite so bad! It certainly made me smile thanks for sharing oh and arnica gel is good for bruises. xgins

  • Lol arnica is my new best friend

  • :-) o bless her x. They get worse as they get older my daughter (19) often makes me feel like the child & she's my mom, especially when i am getting told off for doing things around the house i shouldn't :-) . At least it shows they care i suppose. Hope you havn't hurt yourself too much. Xx Alison

  • Ouch! but I bet your daughter's remark took the sting out of that:-}

    My daughter is often helpless with laughter when I take a swan dive and land in an awkward place - most recently the laundry bin - and has to wipe the tears away before she can help me back up!

    Cece x

  • Bless her gee said this morning are you not drunk today?

    Yes it does help u see the funny side of it really. Xx

  • When I stumbled in the supermarket the other day, my 19 year old son made sure I was ok then said "Take more water with it Mother, I've told you before!!"

    So how long are you grounded for Rarah? ;-) xx

  • I've yet to establish that. Lol

  • Just read your post, glad you're not hurt, children have a fantastic take on life. Bless her!

  • Aww kids say the funniest things! I agree that you get treated like a kid though my older ones are convinced I have Alzeihmers when I get my brain fog days ! Oh well xx

  • What are you like my friend. What will we do with you. Hugs to you my

  • Hope your not to battered and yes kids don't they just make you smilexxx

  • I'm sore and aching however nothing broken :-)

    I'm grounded until I've cleaned my room (oh really) I can see how bossy she's going to be in the future. Lol. X

  • I've got a lovely smile on my face after reading your story..thank you.maryx

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