oops spelt it wrong , its Ritumixmab

on my recent posting spelt the name of the drug they want me to try , but i will blame my fingers and my headache lol,

Typing is such a pain that i rush it and skip over spelling , sorry , then press wrong key, oooo my fingers are rubbish, even text messages have a life of thier own , luckliy most people can translate . :))))

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Don't know Pam but i have heard it mentioned on the forum here before.


My fingers do that too, dont worry lol x, there are people here on that drug, go to tabs and type R and something will pop up for you look at hopefully x


Please, check out the Side effects on the Web before you try this product, there has got to be an alternative


Hi there, I've been on Rituximab for about three years and just last week completed my fourth cycle of it. This as been a great drug for me with fantastic results, I also failed on Infliximab,Humira,and Enbrel and Rituximab was the only drug available to me next, others have been passed by NICE since.

Having had RA for 17yrs my joints are already damaged to a severe extent having had 11 operation in total now but my quality of life is much better. The surgery will probably continue for some time but that's just the way it is and I've come to accept that.

Try not to Google the Ritux to much there is some very frightening info out there and your consultant would only prescribe you this drug after making sure it's suitable for you.

I'm sorry you have had such a hard time with RA and treatments in the past but hopefully you can give the Rituximab another try.

Hope it works out for you.

Take care

mand xx


Thank you mand .

I am really hoping that this one will work , as not being able to have any operations at all now as too high risk, so no op on my knee or my spine or neck and will not put in new hip joint unless it dislocates again but it slips and still very painfull and leg swells , so driving to far not an option. Just feel if can get help with the RA symtoms the crumbbling neck and stenosis on my lower spine will be something can cope with better .

Johnhenry ,

I have looked and read what i can , but did that with Humiara and infliximib, but it was only after taking Infliximib for 3 months was it said in passing that it can affect OA, hence why my hips had got so bad so quickly. But I live in hope and other meds are always being looked into but taking warfrin really messes them up as they all affect my INR too high i can have a bleed , to low can get a clot , so just feel if doc thinks it ok, I will risk it .

Today , feel rubbish as if got the flu, but like that every morning , feet on fire fingers and wrists hurting , my shoulder ,neck and side of my face feel as if they are swollen , later my side of mouth will go that i lisp, spill drinks, talking have to drink or voice goes, symtoms are part RA and OA and the nerve damage around my neck . But feel so much more tired these days , that even effort to go to vampire as i should , Will go tomorrow . But for now just waiting for the appt for the infusion, and hope it soon, x


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