can i start 2012 again

well 2012 so far has been awful i have lost my father-inlaw, my grandad has had major surgery afew weeks ago and has been rushed back into hospital and my dad had a heart attact yesterday and has been told he needs a triple heart bypass as soon as possible and the dr wants to know what could be triggering my flare ups hm i wounder what it could be lol.....Just glad there is somewhere i can let of steam.

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What a start to the year :( hope it gets better for you soon , and your Dad is on the road to recovery soon , and you start to feel better .

Best wishes Jan Xx



its not been a good start to the year for a lot of us,but you seem to have suffered more. It is so worrying when something happens to a member of our family,it knocks you off kilter so any wonder your having flares. You must rest as much as possible while all this is going on around you and take your medication.

Lets hope your dad soon starts to recover and things get back on an even keel for you.

Sending you lots of hugs.

Love Sylvi.xx


Hi, they say things come in three's don't they. So hopefully everything improves for you from hereon in.

(When we seem to be having a bad run we break a match and throw both ends away don't know if this actually works but at least we feel as though it does)

The theory is that we are breaking the run of bad luck.



Yes ditto to the bad luck coming in three's hopefully things will improve from now on. At least you have all your RA friends to unload your worries.hope your dad has his op soon and makes a good recovery although it will take some time. Take care xxxxx


Well let's hope you've had your quota of bad things for the year, and everything picks up now - and your grandad comes out of hospital fit & well and you dad has his op quickly. But as others have said, do look after yourself as the stress won't be helping. Lots of treats & lots of rests. Polly


Hop things improve for you x


I hope things are better for you soon too. TTx


thank you everyone , my dad is doing well and i am trying to be positive and as you all say it comes in 3 so i have had my quota. My dad is also has RA and he has got a positive attitude although he hates being hospital . thank all for your support.


It has been a tough year for our family too. My husband had double bypass heart surgery & I lost my dad in December. I saw my dad every day of my life so I really miss him. God always gives me the strength to get through these things. I hope things get better for u soon:) I am new to this site; there seems to b a lot of support here. You r never alone.


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