hello darlinks

hello darlinks

Well its been a low period now instead of the wonderful high from week one sweeties.

Rubbing was so mad at having a partner not in the top three and actually darlinks has been quite rude to little old me.

I am worried though as the stress well putting this quite delicately is making me swellup. I look like a chipmonk.

Now i agree in some places a chipmonk may be seen as cute but seriously peoplewith the fat ankles and fat knees i am worried about even managing the dance and what with all the traumas recently, i know i need not repeat these all to you lovely people again, i fear i may not manage the dance at all.

The costumiere has increased the girth of my tunic and let out the straps of my stilletoes, hope I dont need my wellingtons darlinks, but i fear i may need a visti to our handsome Dr Hilary, yes the one from morning TV, still lovely after all these years. I hinted a little about steroids as I feel this will help my chances, but is this cheating? I am an ex athlete darlings , do I want to go down this road, will I be drug tested, I need to ensure that this is within the little bittie rule book.

Onwards and upwards darlings .........(hope they dont drug test Rubbin, the amount of champagne that man drinks in a week is quite alarming sweeties)

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  • Oh Allanah

    Do you mean a monk who has eaten too many chips, a la friar Tuck or those lovely furry creatures, namely Chipmunks?

    The use of performance enhancing drugs is severely frowned on but medically prescribed steroids are perfectly permissible, so you do what you have to to prevent any Rubbin issues:-)

    Best of luck with your preparations xx

  • I'm sure that those marvellous girls and guys in wardrobe could make some lace overshoes for your wellies should the need arise:-}

    And take no notice of Rubbin, these artistic types have such a low pain threshold that they'd be calling "medic" if they bruised a toe nail! Vincent was really sniffy about my fatigue until he saw the unedited morning version of me via Skype.

    If there's a hint of a drug test we'll just pull out our home breathalyser kits for our partners - that'll soon put an end to their mutterings. I swear that Vincent has Bloody Marys for breakfast - I know vodka fumes when I sniff them!

    Toodle pip sweetie!

    Cece x

  • Didn't think u could smell vodka! Oops will I be caught out lol

  • What are you girls like,loving it though.xxx

  • It's called 'distraction therapy' Sylvi - dear Lana needs distraction from her 'difficult' mother-in-law and all that resettling her malarkey and I have the delightful combo of horrid elbow and shoulder pain + cabin fever!

    Hope you're feeling more rested today?

    Cece x

  • Wish i could say i am,but i did some more tidying up yesterday,and i have been down here since about two this morning. Getting everything ready for this wedding is distraction enough for anyone i think. I am loving it though i can't wait too see what you girls get upto next in the dance.xxxx

  • Loving it all...!!!! xx

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