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Well after my lovely enforced vacation at my local NHS hotel last week have been taking my horse-size antibiotics and am doing okay (although getting frequent tummy aches - assume down to the massive antibiotic dose) Got in to find my Rituximab appointments (assume its them cos letter doesnt actually say - what else could it be with two appointments a fortnight apart?) had arrived, next wednesday is the day...Have a bit of a cold but am hopeful that will have got over that by next week. Fingers crossed that this is the thing that does the trick for me, fed up of the cocktail of drugs just to aspire to normal (know many of you are just the same) Have been able to go without the splint and while a little achy its unrecognisable from the beginning of last week, once again can drive the car (yay) and am back at work. All in all this week is a much better one than last and long may it continue. Hope all are doing well and if not hope its not too long before you are <<hugs>> Linda x

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  • That's good about the Rituximab - I SO hope it works for you. I've been having bad wrist dreams since your blog remembering not being able to function like that - having to get son to turn the key in the ignition for me and chop my food when it came on really suddenly when we were out one night - shudder to think of the pain still. Spoil yourself as much as possible to shift that cold and recover enough to get your first infusion. Tilda xx

  • Cheers Tilda, am doing what I can ref cold though confess am less confident as it is now a sore throat and have a temp. Would be just my luck to have to put it off. Will have to wait and see.. Linda x

  • Hi Linda,

    Rituximab infusions are 2 weeks appart so sounds like it is all systems go for you. Really hope it works.

    Judi xxxxx

  • Me too, read lots of positive things so am cautiously optimistic. Thanks, Linda x

  • Have just finished 2nd infusion. Went well no side effects and maybeless pain two days post.hope it works for.u chrisxxx

  • Me too and may it be your answer too. Thanks, Linda x

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