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Gins and Enbrel await the introduction music for their Ra Ra Ra

We are standing in the wing. Close Oh so close. I can see Enbrel has a small rivulet of perspiration running down his glorious chest.

Our clothes are tight fitting yet at the same time diaphanous. Ohhhhh I feel suddenly so nervous my hand wanders to the ostrich plume which caresses my Brest.. The music changes I hear applause it is so nearly our time.

Am I ready we have practised so many times the lifts and swoops of the words will we get our alliterations right. Oh my hand shakes . Enbrel leans over kisses my cheek and whispers

"Bottoms up old thing"

It must be now right best foot forward dont forget to smile wow the light the heat the audience Breath

"There was a young girl called Mable,

Who freaked at the sight of a table

She practised each and every day,

So her Doctor would be heard to Say

"OH turn on your side now your able"

Bow smile

retreat that is it for this week


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Very good.xxxx


Great x


Ah Gins, you set the scene so well darlink!

Cece x


Great stuff:-)


Great x


D-AAAh-Ling....its simplicity left me wanting more!


Oh yes please more of the same. Timing and the tempo was jooooost right. We love this first effort.


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