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Yeah I got the go ahead for Enbrel!!

Yeah I got the go ahead for Enbrel!!

Friday I got the phone call Ive been waiting for I finally got the prescription signed for Enbrel.

Ive been told for over 12 months that they (rheumys) want me to go on this, but its took all this time for them to get it sorted for me.

Now I know its coming I feel sick! I am hoping it works for me, but also this is my last chance atm of any more meds, Ive tried lots off the standard DMARD's I get some relief with Methotrexate but not much.

Rheumatologist told me if this dosent work then I will just have to stick how I am with the mthx!

I am also worried a little about all the side effects of Enbrel.

Worried what if it dosent work and worried about injecting myself.

Also I am looking forward to what if it dose work and give me less pain and suffering!

Feelings are completly mixed at the moment.

Has anyone here taken Enbrel?

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Yay! Good luck with the injections and hopefully you'll get the relief you've been hankering after with this one! x


Oh julie

wonderful news, i think LynW has Enbrel, as we had a chat on line as I have Humira,and I'm sero- neg.

Now the ijections ae easy the nursey will do a practise with you, and once you've done it once I'm sure that you will be fine, you will get so much relief it is the right drug for you as they are certainly powerful drugs.

When will you be able to start them?

Best wishes

Tricia -p


Hi Julie, yes I've taken Enbrel can't believe you have had to wait so long for it though, I had to wait for funding but it didn't take to long.

It did work well for me I have to say, I took it for about 2yrs but my body seemed to get used to it and it stopped working (but that's just me)

I wouldn't worry about giving yourself the injections it's surprising what you can do when you have to. After doing the first one you'll be fine.

Before I had RA I hated needles, even blood tests made me queasy!! But before I knew it I was injecting MTX and Enbrel.

If my hands are too bad though I know my hubby will do it so you could always ask someone else but I prefer to do it if I can.

I was very lucky at the time as I had tried 3 different anti tnf's, but I think that's changed now by Nice only allowing one treatment.(Nice - they have no idea)

So I have everything crossed for you and hope it work's.

Good luck

mand xx


Hi Julie

Good news! Don't worry yourself silly it really is quite straightforward to inject and you will find a way that suits you best. If you are able it is always best to do it yourself as you then have control. For some though this isn't possible. I've been on Enbrel for 7 years and it has been a wonderful drug for me. Hope you do well on it too.

The current NICE ruling on anti-tnf treatment is that you can try up to two anti-tnf drugs, say Enbrel and Infliximab, or Enbrel and Humira before moving onto Rituximab, which is a B-cell depletion treatment. There are plenty of options still available to you regardless of what your rheumatologist says! Stick with methotrexate ... rubbish!! I too have had just about every DMARD going but you will find the anti-tnfs quite different in their response to RA. Are you combining the Enbrel with Methotrexate? It is a well respected combo.

Good luck

Lyn x


Thanks Everyone!!

Trica it should be a couple off weeks before I acctually get it I am just so glad Ive finally got it promised to me!

Lyn my Rheumatologist told me that if this didnt work then I would get chance to try another anti-tnf however the Rheumy Nurse last week told me that Nice guidlines have just changed and because I am sero-negative now I only get one chance off an Anti-tnf drug and no chance off Rituximab!! So that is why I was more worried about it not sure if she is right or not?

I am taking it along with Methotrexate and I am currently on 20mg of Predisolone to they told me to carry on taking both when I get the Enbrel.


Julie - I hope this works for you.

Ju x


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