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RA and the pharmacist

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He and I are now on first name terms. I rather enjoy our cosy little chats while every one else waiting, widen their eyes in horror as we chat randomly about the side effects of RA drugs. I have considered asking him to resign and for me to take his place. I know far more than he ever will.

He's T, D and H, so I can stare dreamily into his eyes while he utters those sexy words...breathlessness, bruising, unexplained bleeding...(I digress)

So in i hobble, colliding with an elderly lady and her stick. 'Ooo love' she says. 'You look like you're in pain!' 'Yes!' I declare triumphantly. 'I have the body of a 90yr old and I'm only 40!' Her eyebrows meet her hairline in surprise as she moves quickly away.

I slam my industrial sized super strength Sulphasalazine on the counter and the conversation is as follows:

ME: Can you get rid of these for me?

HIM: Oh dear, not get on with those then?

ME: That's the understatement of the year! I've been barfing constantly with a blinding headache and to top it all off, I've come out in the bubonic plague! Even my sodding ears are itching!

(Much sniggering from people waiting)

HIM: (laughs) Yes, they can be rather potent. What have they put you on now?

ME: Methotrexate

HIM: (his face drops and he goes quiet)

ME: OK, so come on, what can I expect now?

HIM: You don't want to know

ME: Look, I don't care if it's gonna result in death, at least I won't be in pain!

HIM: (smiles pityingly) I'll put you a leaflet in with them. Be very careful and any problems, give me a ring

I snatch up my suitcase sized bag of drugs and stagger out muttering 'It's costing me a bl**dy fortune just to be ill!!'

So people, the man of my dreams knows all about my intimate details from barfing to itching. He can also tell that I'm incapable of doing any Karma Sutra moves. Shame... Still, he can't have everything can he?

Samcat :)

15 Replies
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Have you applied for a prepaid prescription card. They cost about £100 and you can get the info from your dishy pharmasist. It saves me £100s of pounds in a year.

You should be writing comedies your that funny girl. Keep them coming.

Love sylvi.xx

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samcat in reply to sylvi

Thanks so much Sylvi for your comments and info. Yes I'm gonna get that PPC sorted. So glad I make you laugh. With this RA thingy, you gotta see the funny side of things, or I think sometimes I would shoot myself. Anyway, can't do that, I've got too many blogs to write!!

Big Hugs

Samcat XX

Ugh just thinking about how that Sulpha made my ears and even gums itch - in fact all of me from soles of my feet to the insides of my ears makes me shudder. I reckon you are going to be fine on methotrexate (MTX) now as we seemed to react to the sulpha the same way exactly and I have not an itch or a trace of nausea on the MTX. Mind you i had my blood test today and am now waiting to hear if my liver function okay again as it went up a bit last time so have had to move down a dose. It really would be the pits if I have to come off it when I haven't a side effect in sight.

But then if you have no ill effects and get better on the MTX then how will you cope without being able to make lots of eye contact and wry witicisms with your gorgeous pharamacist? Hmm you'll just have to think of something.. or perhaps hope for some (only a little mind) hairloss and discussions on how best to resolve this - which will of course involve him staring closely into your lovely crown to see how much damage there is (hopefully none at al!)? Good luck Sam and keep blogging with pharmacutical installments pleaseTTx

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Hi Tilda,

Yes so far so good dare I say, just abit of fleeting diziness and nausea - that's a doddle in comparison! We shall see what the bloods reveal! Am dying for a good bottle or two of wine but daren't touch the stuff! I'm getting totally paranoid!

I have plenty more blogs to write! It's endless, the things we have to contend with isn't it??

Samcat XX

in reply to samcat

Oh please do keep endlessly blogging Sam - your dark humour/ blitz spirit is such a tonic when the days are long and fraught with RA related mishap.

But don't forget you don't have to make us laugh if you're not in the mood one day - I don't want it to get burdensome to you - if you ever need to get solemn with us it's okay too. TT x

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samcat in reply to

Thank you Tilda, that means a lot!

Samcat XX

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Oh I am glad I never was prescribed that sulpha, it sounds awful! My pharmacist and I are on first name terms also, I was freaked the first time he used my christian name. I actually thought might send him a Christmas card but I did'nt. I dont know more than him about meds, but he has been so kind and helpful to me, i hate when I have to talk to another pharmacist, like when he has a day off or is on hols! He is quite geeky though and only about 25. Lol.

A lot of people take methotrexate with no problems, so hoepfully that will work well for you.

Regards, Gina.

in reply to Gina_K

Well you should count yourselves very lucky - our pharmacist is a po-faced witch! She doesn't come and hand out the meds with any advice - just sticks her head out and snaps stuff at you and the others are all the same - they have a terrible reputation in our small town I can tell you.

In the vein of making you laugh - especially Sam (with much gratitude!) and on the subject of dishy med people I can't recall if I told the story of my extremely handsome GP or not? Someone was took their young daughter in to see him and as they rose and were getting coats on the little girl enquired of her mum "Is this the doctor you said you really fancied 'cos he's so buff mum?"!! She fled dragging daughter with her and not looking back and has had to see other doctors ever since as can't bear to even meet his eyes now! This had me chuckling all through hogmanay period every time I thought of it but maybe you have to know the man in question to understand quite why?! TTx

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Hi scouser,

Please don't apologise for laughing! That's my intention! If I can brighten someone's day, then I've done my bit.

Samcat XX

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I'm the same with my chemist, I got them chocolates the other year as they were so good to me with my meds. I was too ill this time,sadly. Its the same with my optician too. I tell you its crap getting old!! and ra!!.

Too ill for sex,joints crap, clothes and shoes have to be fitted to suit body. What do we have to look forward too!!!! We can't walk we're over weight, so can't get about. Some of can't work and who would give us a job if someone else is applying for a job and they are healthy they pick us will they.

The up side, i can have my hair any colour i like. I can paint my nails all the colour of the rainbow if i want to.

Well thats my little rant over.

Love sylvi.xx

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Samcat - what about writing a follow on to Bridget Jones - her follow on life after being diagnosed with RA (and antics with her pharmacist!)! Would be a great read!

Hope the MTX works - I'm trying it out for the second time around at the moment. Found it works absolutely wonders on my joints, and I barely have any side effects! My only issue is that last time round it caused really low white blood counts, so make sure you keep up with the checks, but otherwise I have found it great and feel almost normal on it!

Good luck and keep blogging - you've found your calling!

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samcat in reply to heatherp

Ahh, thank you Heather! That's very kind of you! Yes, perhaps it could be my new career - sitting in my jamas, drinking coffee, eating biscuits and writing! So much easier on the RA!

Really glad the MTX works for you.

Samcat XX

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heatherp in reply to samcat

That does sound like a good life!

And I can see Hugh Grant as the sexy pharmacist when they make it into a movie...!!

Mmmm tall, dark and handsome give me your pharmacists number.. no joking aside!, the fact that he said ring if you have any problems show he has great patient skills, a good pharmacist takes interest in the patient and their medication and that is how it should be always. I have no time for pharmacists who hide away and wont speak to patients..

Lots of people can take make methotrexate without any problems and hopefully you will be one of them x( has your hospital provided with a methotrexate monitoring booklet?

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Wow, a T D & H pharmacist? Lucky you. Mine is getting bald, kind of geeky, and mid-height, but friendly. He knows my whole meds list & that I don't have insurance. Oh well.

Love your posts, Samcat, thanks for the laughs. I'd buy any book that you might write.


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