Does the rain and/or weather affect RA?

I only ask as today my hands are so awful, painful and useless. They won't do as I need and want them to do and they hurt, are swollen and sore and are driving me mad. I would gladly cut them off today and have hooks instead!

I am sitting at my PC trying to work with my right hand in a woollen glove and my left hand all wrapped up in a bandadge so you can imagine not much work is being done. Just wondered if the weather affects RA or that's if just a myth.

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Mags, The weather does affect ra, don't ask me why as i don't know. I believe it is something to do with the pressure. I always know when its going to rain as like you i ache.

Keep warm and indoors and i hope you soon feel brighter.

sylvi. xx


I'm sure it does, but where I live (and further north even more) you get all seasons in just one day. So I don't know what that does to us!


I always thought pre RA that weather affecting was an old wives tale. I know now it's not! I am now a human barometer, always know when rain coming. Studies have been done, and the conclusion was a change of 10degrees, up or down causes additional pain to arthritis sufferers.




Yes yes yes,ánd how. Today my hands are also awful, swollen, painful and I seem to have digressed as it rained almost all day today here in Essex. Could not go into work today, because of the stiffness I felt this morning.

Also my knees, right elbow and ankle intermittently, but hands have hurt all day.

I did not think it was that cold, but its certainly been damp!

Sci x


hi, the weather affects my r.a ive noticed this more since i moved to lincolnshire where i feel its colder, sometimes i dont go out of the house for days and just recently i cant get warm my wrists hands and fingers suffer the most from the weather change my knees are always stiff i had to take more sick days off work through this so its not a myth,my sister also has r.a and she was even planning a move abroad for the warmer weather


I didn't think the weather/rain affected RA sufferers. But after reading all your answers that fits in with my pain and stiffness in my legs (yesterday in particular). In that case hurry up and stop raining

take care everybody



me too in constant pain you take care x


Yes. I think low pressure which makes for a damp atmosphere does it for me.

Dry weather and high pressure make my RA almost disappear.

In the early days we were on holiday in Tenerife and I felt cured for the whole time I was there. Got home, off the aircraft and I had seized up again!

Pity we can't get Tenerife on prescription!


Yes, affects me greatly. Low pressure does it I think. My hands are puffy and sore and my knees too. Took painkillers this morning and went on my 90 min. country walk anyway! it did help as loosened my joints up and made me feel better in general. Several hols in Calif. and hardly any pain, thought I was in remission! Until i came back to damp ole blighty!!!

Rest, stretch limbs if you can to keep them supple. When you're home use the ole frozen peas remedy followed by heat, but if badly inflamed try to rest.



the rain where i live is constant!and it affects me too ,i find the malaise is much worse when its damp ,wet,i cannot find the oomph to go out for a walk its so hard,i will try the frozen peas trt!my finger is locked this week ,i stopped meds 5 months ago went into remission which was great but know its back !!onwards and forwards is a must !


Hi warrior. My rheumy advised me to take evening primrose oil once a day, to help and keep joints subtle, maybe worth a try??

What is the frozen pea thing ??

take care Alison



Hi - take a bag of frozen peas to use as an ice pack on anything inflamed. Wrap in a towel so you dont get freezer burn. Works well to reduce inflamation. Handy as it is flexible and you can "wrap" around knees, hands, elbows etc.

Good for your rheumy, nice to know the medical profession isnt totally against taking supplements! I take quite a few supplements including Starflower Oil daily which is similar to eve primrose oil. Also take (brace yourself) -

Vit. E, vit. C, Green Lipped Mussel extract (good for ligaments and tendons), Fish Oil (anti inflamm), and some supplement containing calcium and Vit D. Taken for years and I do think it all helps me. But see how the eve prim helps you - have to give it about 8 weeks though for your body to absorb and process it.

I take the Vit C as its anti inflamm and also to guard against getting colds etc. as the MTX reduces my immunity.



I was taking a variety of supplements before being diagnosed and and was told in no uncertain terms to stop taking all of them because of possible interactions with Mtx. Seems there's lots of conflicting advice. I only take a multivitamin now. Who knows what's right and what's wrong.....not me, I just do as I'm told!


Hi Lynn-bel

Okay thanks for that, I might try the peas tonight as my knees hurt today, probably coz of the rain again !! It hasn;t stopped here today.

I think I will definately get some Vit C as my MTX have reduced my white blood cells too.

Thanks for your help




Good luck with the peas! My knees hurt today and I'm really tired, pouring here as well. I told my cons. all the supplements i take and didnt seem to be a problem, but as Mags says, you get so many conflicting stories. I would say always let GP or cons. know what you're taking so they can advise you specifically. My neighbour and I used to have different consultants and we got different stories from them, so you just have to do what yours says and see what works for you.



This is something that comes up fairly regularly on the NRAS helpline, so I thought the following might be of interest to you:

Whilst warmer climates do not affect the progression of RA, many people have reported that they feel better in warmer climates. However, research studies to date have not found conclusive evidence that this is the case. People in a variety of climates have developed RA, and there is nothing to suggest that the onset of the disease would be caused by living in a colder climate, but it is possible that the colder climate could have an effect on symptoms.

Please see below some information from the Arthritis Research UK (ARUK) website and a link to an article on examining the connections between arthritis and climate:

"Moving to a warmer climate

Many people with arthritis feel that changes in the weather affect the level of pain they feel. Most people prefer hot, dry climates, but some people feel better in the cold and damp. The weather will probably make a difference to how you feel – warmth and sunshine tend to lift your spirits. However, arthritis and musculoskeletal pain occur in all climates, and although the weather may affect the symptoms of your arthritis or the way you feel, it won’t cause the condition or affect the way it develops."

Taken from: article: Weather and Arthritis:

I hope that this will be of interest to you.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline & Information Coordinator)


Heck yes. Everything changes RA. Mags126 your diet may be too acidic, so many things can make it worse. Weather definitely, I have RA in all my joints for 11 years now and on low pressure days which are often grey and rainy I just am a zombie, no energy, electrical feelings, grumpy, in pain all over, when the pressure rises and a blue sky all the symptoms seem to lessen so much and I feel good in myself. I can get things done.

Diet if you have not tried it already I have found can play havoc. Acidic foods, alchol esp wines, dairy, bread and yeasty things, junk foods, meats, butter is a bad one for me, all have to be reduced or left out. Lots of nuts, pulses, grain, coconut milk, oils, soups, houmos, rice flour, soya, all good.

I hope this helps you a bit

Cat or harvestingkarma


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