Who can recommend sandles & shoes for RA affected feet, especially for othotics?

My podiatrist recommended Mephisto, but could only find online! I bought some Rohide velcro sandles this year that have a deep sole that comes out to put orths in with double sided tape, quite good. I also bought the Ecco receptor technology trainers and found the inbuilt arch support too bumpy with my orthotics - in fact gave me new pain! Wore Fitt Flopps last summer found great until after summer Pod said did more damage! For special occasion (car to pub) Dune had a fab pair of Wedges last year tan colour all elastic heel strap & toe strap very soft straps cross on arch with tiny little silver balls all over straps. I stress I have very very bad fallen arches and damage yet occasionally I can wear these little fashion miracles - sorry am blogging from question better stop and see does anyone else have shoe / trainer/ miracles - will try put pics up later of shoes.

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  • Hi Gina,

    I had the opposite advice from the podiatrist - wear Fitflop Clogs (can't do toe post sandals as toes crossed over) and their Slide sandals. I can do this without using additional orthotics as sufficient cushioning. He also recommended a particular Asics trainer. Any good trainer works if I take out the provided insole and put my special one in. I think that it depends on what your foot problem is - I have no fat pad under the balls of my feet and the bones are coming through

  • Oops clicked the button to Submit accidentally !

    My toes all go sideways and cross over and I have bunions (oh so glam!) and bursae. As the bones rub on the ground as I walk (if no shoes) I have calluses that can become very painful so see chiropodist monthly. I have 4 sets of insoles on repeat prescription, they lift the ball of my foot up so that the weight doesn't go through it and are very padded/cushioned. My RA started in my hands and feet and it's my feet that have sustained the most damage. I always go somewhere where I can try shoes on comfortably and later in the day when my feet are most swollen. I'm pretty much in Fitflop clogs/slides/trainers and Asics trainers now. Going to a couple of weddings this summer - that will be interesting - better start customising something soon!

    Cece x

  • Hi gina I year hotters most of the time they are deep enough for my orthotics and I too have fallen arches along with ra damage too my toes etc. You can purchase these online or some shoe shops stock them have a look online to find your nearest stockist.

  • Just want to add that I have been told that if you purchase shoes from catalogues or specialist shops you should be able to buy the with paying VAT. If you are paying over £50 for a pair of shoes it's a good saving.

  • Hi Gina, this is a problem I've always encountered as I have had Triple Arthrodesis surgery to both of my feet, also bone grafts and a few smaller operations to them, my feet are now fused in one position by screws and pins.I also have fallen arches, but a very good podiatrist who custom made some insoles for me to wear in my trainers as this is what I wear most generally a Reebok style or like Cece Asics trainer. I have always been told to wear trainers as they give the foot the best support.

    The only time I have trouble is the summer, I have never purchased anything special I just try on in the shops usually ones with elasticated straps because of the feet swelling and if they feel comfy enough I buy them as I know I won't be wearing them for long as I get straight back into my trainers.

    I wouldn't spend to much on special shoes unless you really need to as there are some great buys in the shops it's all about buying whats right for you, I generally have a browse online first so I have a good idea where to shop. No heels though! not for 17 years now, not fair is it?

    Good luck Gina

    mand xx

  • hi mand i also wear reebok as they only ones that are good fit and broad osummer is my bad time as well cant get nice sandal ihavent bought special shoes yet as my trusty trainers let me walk as i enjoy doing this and my feet are always comfy i dont wear slippers in the house, i have bunions and my toes cross over each other they look terrable no heels for long long time sylvia

  • Ah thanks for all that ladies, suppose I am hoping for a miracle. I am going to see a surgeon in June re feet. not very hopeful from what I have read!

  • Hi Gina, if you need foot surgery then that's ok go for it I say, it's amazing how much surgery can help, the recovery period can be long but well worth it I have found. If I hadn't had my surgery I would have been spending a long time in a wheelchair at least now I have some "free time" as I like to call it because I never know how long the surgery will last and what the future may hold. I've had lots of surgery and don't regret any of it I want quality of life now while I'm still young enough to enjoy life.

    Take care

    mand xx

  • Thanks Mand, I might get back to you for more support re surgery! I really hope they can do something - I have bunion r foot and fallen arch foor falling in! I totally agree re quality of life. Who knows how long we have, lets go for it!!!

  • Hi Gina, had a bunion done at the beginning of the year and everything went great, had to stay on my crutches for 2 weeks to help keep the weight off but after that everything was fine. Having another one done on the other foot soon.

    Take care

    mand xx

  • hottershoes.com/ are great!

    There are some styles which are quite old ladyish but there are plenty of lovely modern ones.

    My feet are dreadful now and ugly shoes were really getting me down 'til I first came across this site.

  • jd williams ,do great range of shoes.. catalogue/ on line too v easy,, had pair padders werent suitable sent them back free(took to post office as off work at moment.. but courier can collect returns too its so easy i order by phone very helpful got pair of black and silver(pewter)padders had offer so paid less than £42,00 huge range of shoes and sandals and makes in wide range of wide fittings.. i cant trip round shop for pleasure, too tiring this is so easy,, with their helpful phone staff do clothes etc too... jdwilliams.co.uk

  • Thanks again Staten & Summer, Will look at both sites - you have given me hope. I found skechers trainers great for walking & you can wear the black ones for work!

  • gina been on the site jd williams they have 25% off at moment so ex a £40 pair or shoes will be £30 a lot of their sandle type shoes are£29 or less to start with

    my podiatrist guide to shoes is no more than 1" heel some support particulary in my case as ankles not too hot... and for shoe.sandal to have support strap accross the top of foot.. so a pair of 1" dolly type shoes as I call them made by clarks in jan sale fit the minimum support rescommend and look nice with skirt and for evening ,, my latest purchase.. for when i got back to work in phased return end of next week are the black and silver padders these are flat and v comfy in a range of width fittings I DIDNT get 25% at the time diff offer but if they are in the current summer one you could get an item of this type for £36.25. I got lower percntage offer plus free handbag and brolly!!

  • i have a pair of padders sandals and they are so comfy .... i would recoomend to all mine have velcro straps and are soooo comfy .....padders for me every time and thanks summer cause wasnt sure were to get my next pair from.last ones my siss bought for me xxxxxx

  • I am currently finding comfort and peace with MBT's. Clogs with a Velcro closure in the back . They are saving my toes and spurs, almost a miracle cure. Yes they are ugly-ish....but I'm able to work!

  • If your consultant will give you a referral to the ortho shoes dept, they are comfortable and take alot of pressure off my feet. My bones in the feet are so affected by my R/A. Also, a good pair of trainers help. Try MBT also, they are good but do require you to think as they are NOT flat. Pam

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